Post Union launches an enterprise campaign because staff are stop rotating strikes


Legislation from federal work may have been causing strike wounds with job makers – but their union now says that it is a " move to "non-violent civil independence" campaign for the breakdown of contract bids.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Canada's National Union of Jobs Jobs Union (CUPW), Mike Palecek, said that although a legal strike action has come to an end, but the aid initiative just a & # 39; start.

"You can not legislate work peace. We are now moving a bit different from the struggle," he said.

Union members were asked to return to regular shift as a day of day ET today, and wait for further guidance.

Canada Post strike workers keep warm around the fire as they go; Walk on the picket line in front of Saint-Laurent's reconciliation facility in Montreal on Thursday 15 November, 2018. (Ryan Remiorz / THE MAIN CANADIAN)

"In the days ahead, we want our supporters and membership for a campaign of movement, exhibitions and non-violent civil independence," said Palecek.

"All settings remain on the table to achieve agreed agreements that deal with health and safety, inappropriate handling, fair salaries and work conditions, and the democratic right on free joint agreement. "

The union also gave a warning that it is a Consideration of legal action against federal backdrop legislation, but did not provide any information.

The rotating strikes were coming to an end after their grandmothers voted London's night; Supporting Liberal government legislation to bring Canada Post employees back to work.

Bill C-89 was debated in the upper room on Saturday after the Liberal government was to monitor the legislation through the House of Commons. The Shannon vote was voted by 53 to 25, with four protesters avoiding, as Canada Post employees came into their sixth week.

C-89 will charge between $ 1,000 and $ 50,000 per day on any person found against the Act, and up to $ 100,000 per day against Canada Post or union if they are guilty of a & # 39; breaking her terms.

Arrangements between Canada Post and the union have been running for almost a year, but the debate was raised when CUPW members put strikes on; circulated on October 22.

The union wants better payment and security of work, times that are sure for 8,000 rural transport and suburbs, and equality for those jobs with 42,000 urban workers .

CUPW also wants Canada Post to accept rules that it would say that it would injure the workplace face – a problem that is united as a "emergency".

Canadian National Staff President Mike Palecek. (Adrian Wyld / THE MAIN CANADIAN)

Palecek has hit a back-up bill against Canadian Post employees and sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to " turn back to post workers.

The old Conservative government had to terminate the closure of post workers during the 2011 riot by implementing legislation back to work, which was expressed by a court non statutory.

The Labor Party Minister, Patty Hajdu, has been on the # 39; Executes that Liberal legislation is very different, as it is an independent arbitrator working to reach a contract settlement in 90 days. If not done, a tweeter may be appointed by the regulator.

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