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Hastag "Ahmed Zaki" published the highest list of participation in the "Twitter Twitter" social networking site, Sunday, to mark the anniversary of the Emperor Ahmed Zaki.

The activists wanted mercy and forgiveness to the late star Ahmed Zaki, saying he had a talent that made the strongest among his star's stars.

Ahmed Zaki, born on the 18th of November 1949 in Zagazig, was awarded a BA at the Drama Arts Institute in 1973 with respect.

He participated in his first talent in front of Suad Hosni in the film "Shafiqa and Metwally" in 1978 and then spent a number of prominent films.

Ahmed Zaky has 6 films in the top of the top 100 films in Egypt: "The innocent man, an important woman, loves a philanthropist, Alexandria Les, They dreamed of India and Camelia, and your silent sons. "

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Birthdate Ahmed Zaki
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