Potap ridiculously troll Tina Karol – video


The photographer sent a funny video in his photoblog

Potap Photo: instagram.com/realpotap

Potap Photo: instagram.com/realpotap

The Potap producer, who has supported Nastya Kamensky in the USA, is a renowned celebrity among stars. The well-known oral signal celebrates its co-workers and is very skilled.

This time, Potap put a short film on his Instagram page, where he removed his colleague, singer Tina Karol. In video, Tina has a & # 39; Sings emotionally, but the Potap sound is turned off. The rapper decided he would sing to Karol for himself. It came very funny.

"Now good behaviors for a long time," "You can always watch it," "Is it your new song? Where do you download them?", "Divinely", " It's so funny, I can not stop, "Potap followers wrote under the video.

Earlier, the producer and rapper Potap appeared in a warm icon in a red dress in the new music video of the MOZGI group. It is interesting that a colleague Potap Nastya Kamensky previously appeared in a uniform like the public.

Potap also commented on how successful Nastya Kamensky was and he noted that there was no conflict between old colleagues. In addition, the producer of Nastya's success is successful.


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