Powder polio vaccine offers a hope to Nigeria and Pakistan Society


Polio vaccine that can be stored as a dry temperature powder at room temperature can offer a new way to help eliminate the disease, according to researchers.

Although the vaccines have already removed polio in many countries around the world, including the UK, the disaster virus still spreads in the nations, including Nigeria and Pakistani, where it can be paralysis or even death.

However, oral vaccines that use a virus can still be weak, which may occasionally change to the virus that may cause paralysis. As a result, there is an improvement in the inclusion of another type of vaccine called an inactive poliovirus vaccine (IPV), which is including a ban that includes dead types of the virus.

Although this has already happened in many countries, it is often a major obstacle to be able to; use IPV to a temperature above and below 4C (39.2F).

Now researchers say they have developed a refreshing IPV drying, so it can be stored at high temperatures up to 40C for four weeks and then delete it for use – not to & Disable its ability.

"We 're frostening with an inactive polio vaccine and we put some of the tools that make it more sustainable," said Woo-Jin Shin, co-author The report from Southern California University.

Writing in the magazine Bio, Shin and colleagues from Southern California University and a company called Integrity Bio Inc and # Describes how the creation is made up of materials that contain; magnesium sulphate, an amino acid histidine, and the siquor alcohol manitol.

Researchers established the temperature of a varied fluid fluid vaccine and looked at how to change the levels of special antiques over time, tested on small groups of mice, with the two types of exams that & # 39; recommends a small change in the potential of its vaccine when stored four weeks, even at high temperatures.

Shin said he hoped that the approach would be built for use with charitable foundations.

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