Power to power and then to & # 39; Judgment of a 14-year-old girl


Wednesday, November 21, 18:00 18:00 PM (GMT + 7)

The Khanh defender threatened her; mother and child who was killed and he would cut off the electricity again if girls do not; of genre.

On 21 November, An Giang Local People Court sentenced to the defendant Nguyen Hong Khanh (37 years of age, living in the Toai Son area, An Giang section) to 18 years imprisonment for rape.

According to their conviction, at the end of 2012, the NTT family moved to Khanh near. Because Ms. is not possible. A certificate to enter the electric meter, was sunk by the Khanh family for use.

Cut out the power and then click on an emergency girl 14 years old - 1

Defense of Nguyen Hong Khanh in court

One day in 2013, NT (born on August 28, 1999, Mrs. T.'s disease) was sitting on the telephone bank waiting for the web. Khanh will be sent to the NT. Down the rubbish pipe to drag the pipe cover water.

When NT is. As soon as the place is, Khanh is a & # 39; pushing down the canal. Khanh was at risk of trying to put T.'s child into action for sexuality unless he changed his mother. And cut off the electricity again.

On 20-8-2013, Khanh to the NT. Continue to threaten to & # 39; NT defaults. On the # 1-9-2013, Ms. T. the girl has a strange word to ask for NT. Mention of the new event.

NT. Relatives are sent to Toai Son's extensive hospital to find the NT. Blessed for over 18 weeks. The police were reported but Khanh has escaped. On 29 January 2017, he returned to the nursery and was retained later. According to the assessment, Khanh is the author of the NT case.

Late at night, enter your wife's emergency and 280,000 then

You did not hear across the house, Sneak into the rapture of the woman. After the work, the name gave 280,000 victims …

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