Prachachuen Park: Rubber conditioning


The current government is in trouble with the problem with Thailand. The price of agricultural material is down. There are a few types of agricultural products that have long and lasting problems. Rubber This case was discussed and resolved throughout. But I still do not see the obvious solution. Now many have commented on her & # 39; this case. Is the government choosing to listen to the surrounding environment?

Gu Mr Uthai is teaching securities. Rubber Thailand and Rubber Farmer of Thailand Institute (TOT) have suggested that 20,000 million baht should be used to offset or compensate farmers for rubber prices. Buy a new rubber lanx with farm and latex production work and then ramp on the road in the town to buy a town per kilometer. There are more than 84,000 towns in the countryside, 1km of road and use 3 tons of latex, if so. Around 240,000 tonnes of latex or 20-30% of rubber in the country need to drive their roads in the country; town. If the government is trying to change this way. It may help reduce the amount of rubber. Also, it means that tight prices are better than that of; praised. "Big Tit" Gen. Prayut Chan The First Hostess will be 44

Recent progress on Rubber Resolutions and Agricultural Recruitment Measures After the Charter Agree the plan to help and solve the rubber problem at a minimum. Mr Kritsada Boonrat Minister of Agriculture and Competitions I ordered the co-ordination of the appropriate agencies. Includes local government agencies to support local road and road crèche projects, mixed rubber in the area and at home. Agriculture and Competitions (University of Kasetsart) Nong Bua Lam Phu Co-ordinated by the Departmental Administration Group (PPAO) and PPAO agrees the budget to build its first junction of a rotary spray . It is a demonstration road in line with its policy for promoting rubber use in government groups by Nong Bua Lam Phu. Latex purchase from Huaydu 1,200 kg and from Rubber Cooperative Non-Tongue Co., Ltd. 1,200 kilograms to the rubber road at Moo 4 Ban Hin Ngao. Nong Bua District Lam Phu

I have to follow that. The steps taken by the government to solve the rubber situation in Caracas. If this is a case, people are sure to enjoy this selection.

Phakorn Boonmee


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