Pre-order in the NAY with March 28, 2019, the new Samsung …


Another smartphone is the unexpected Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. As the name suggests, it will be a smartphone with a 5G agreement. In addition, the S10 5G displays even larger, 6.7-inches and possibly up to three face-to-face cameras. The battery capacity of 4 500 mAh.

As well as smartphone, Samsung introduced Galaxy Buds. They are all sides of wire, but they do not have inner voice helpers. Samsung also promotes two microphones for 6 hours. They will be sold for $ 130, but they will also be packaged with the new Galaxy S10 if you send your smartphone.


Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S10 that was expected. The design is not surprising, but it's a stylish device alive. The new arrival comes in size with the 6.1 and 6.4-inch display, with Snapdragon 855 (version of Exynos in Europe) and RAM 8 or 12 GB. Read more about smartphones in our article.

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