Pre-Pretty video videos are confirmed by the police


The police are firing their bicycle tty Pretty Pretty burnt - 1

Pretty Pretty image bicycle bikes in video.

2 days ago, Pretty Banh's character put a video clip on your YouTube page with the title: "The car's trip is falling, so it's stopping the car from burning". In cookies, Pretty Beats will be walking on a scooter but just calling for gas, then inviting his friends to break the car with iron.

After that, The Pretty Banh stole fuel in the car and said "people will never burn, saying it will be repaired."

When destroying a car, this person would always issue a registration certificate, repeating the phrase "Pretty Bikes", and said a car should be purchased for a 70 million VND.

This action Pretty B brought many discontent and angry audiences. Even in this youth profile page, many people have spoken of the character of this character by hitting and burning cars, saying that Pretty Banh can give young people a bad example, in particular. young children. Detractive behavior of this character is also criticized by the online community.

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