Pre-school education should be essential for every five years


This degree will provide training especially for children from Roman communities that are on the fringe and on socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

From 1 September 2020, post-primary education for all five year-olds should be crucial, and government officials agree at Tuesday's session.

The obligation to undertake pre-school training would be introduced one year before the start of compulsory school attendance. To encourage this change, it is necessary to change the relevant legislation, TASR informed the department of communication and the education department protocol.

"I am pleased that the Slovak Republic Government made a detailed and prompt response to the recommendations and steps of the National Program for Educational Development and Training," said Martina Lubyov√°, CBS nominated by his / her. Minister for Education, Science, Research and Sport.

At the same time, she added that this degree will provide training especially for children from Roma-away communities and from a socially disadvantaged environment.

"We also expect to develop international test results," the Education Minister sent after the meeting.

Impact on urban budget

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport Ministry will prepare legislation that allows for compulsory pre-school education to be introduced.

This will also prevent intense discussions with city and town representatives as family founders, as implementation will result in its implementation. This step affects their budget.

"Until that time, the girls' strongholds remain at the same time to give the number of essential places for five year children. For example, funding from the euro assets can be # 39 ; expectations to use this purpose, "the education department decided.

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