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Precarious people before the election The UK plane aircraft Regan visits Hong Kong | News of China

The Bo Huai Zheng / United States Convention

Counting down to the nine-one-one election in Taiwan, Nimitz-reusable Nimitz-reusable nuclear weapons "Reagan" reached the US Nimitz class, waiting for four war ships, Hong Kong at 9am, today (21). In addition, two bombs of US B-52 went to the area around South China yesterday (20) to take part in normal training.

Recently, in the Philippine waters, the "Reagan" aircraft carrier's struggle group was reached and stopped in the Chinese Reinvents Event, with the exception of the "Reagan", including the Aegis-class destruction that passed over the Taiwan Strait at the end of October. "Tiswilbur", and three other military vessels in the US have also been involved in Hong Kong. Because China has previously been rejected, the horns attack the US, called Hong Kong, and # 39; think that this represents, the struggle between the United States and China Development.

But experts believe that China is a " move the way for the "Xihui Harbor" G20 at the end of November. However, the Hong Kong media said that China's name for US military ships has not come to Hong Kong completely means the relationship between the US and China has evolved . Bureau, Senior Deputy Secretary of Defense Murphy, said the United States would not "be" submitted to China on China or on the south side of China, and the Air Force of Wales confirmed Two B-52 bombs were passed to Sarah China. The department, which participates in normal training, is & # 39; shows that the relationship between the US and China remains in a legal position.

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