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Original title: Premier League – Cleasan Aguero Hat Double Sterling City Manchester 6-0 Chelsea Tour

At Beijing's time on the 11th of February at 0m, the Premier League set the season on a focus festival in the 26th visit, a blue moon has a " sitting at Etihad Staircase against Chelsea. In the first half, Manchester City played a good blitz in the & # 39; first 25 minutes. In a quarter minute, Sterling used the free-kick stick; move quickly to make progress. Follow Aguero the next two towns. Then, Jing Duoan sent a long way and broke the visit to Kepa. In the second half, Sterling made a point, and Aguero made a title on his eye. At the end of the game, Sterling passed from Zinchenko and then got twice. Manchester City Chelsea won 6-0 at home and won the lead in a multi-game case.

In the Premier League, both sides played 43 times, Manchester City 11 a & # 39; wins, 7 drawers and 25 losses in a row, the Premier League Premier League had 2 highest and 2 losses and 3 losses too; reporting to the blue army. The first round of Chelsea's season, Chelsea's visit to Stamford Bridge by Kanter and David Lewis was the Blue Moon; taste their first round of the season. Although Manchester City is in decline in the & # 39; Premier League and in the Chelsea record, but after 2019, Moon Moon is a superb shaped, and Manchester City won 13 games in the 14 past home games. On the Chelsea side, they have been doing well in a & # 39; New Year's Premier League, especially on the road. After leaving the three episode games, the Blues lost their challenges. This state also allowed Chelsea to descend from the original competition team to fourth army.

In the second minute, if Siono passed the member, A right foot that sent Higgins from outside his arrested pensions with his & her; defense player.In a quarter minute, De Braun made a free part quickly, Bernardo Silva kept the place where he was involved and made the ball in the case. Tring started with his right leg and Manchester City 1-0.

In the 8th minute, Sterling and De Braun played a great game. Ding Ding was a three-footed ball. Bernardo Silva took the ball in the area and gave the left half of the ball. His & # 39; very tight leg. In a 12-minute moment, after it's going to go to # 39; passing the wall around Azal in the middle of her; Circle, it broke through the left corner of the area restricted and was transmitted by Edson.

In the 13th minute, Zinchenko put the ball over. Aguero stayed outside his pension and Ruo Nio went to the unresolved world before Rüdiger closed. Although Kepa hit the ball at his quest, he did not; He can still block the nets, Manchester 2-0 Grand.

In the 19th minute, De Blaunet opened an envelope for free. After a & # 39; first Chelsea seats, Zinchenko rebounds the ball in the penalty area. After David Louis got out, Barkley turned to the place where the ghosts made a difference. Aguero got the chance to kick the left, Manchester City 3-0.

In 25 minutes, Sterling passed over her & # 39; bicycle on the left and passed over the member. When Aguero got the ball in the case, it was destroyed by Rudiger. Jing Duoan caught the arc and broke the goal. South Westerly

In 27 minutes, Higuain got rid of the protection and the falcon on his face; punishment. Pedro introduced a straight hit and unfortunately Edson attacked him. In the 29 minutes, Azar passed over his wall and Pedro took hold of the right-handed bridge. punishment and Edson was captured.

In a minute later, Barkley passed over his member and killed Higuain's extensive attack near the line; punished Manchester City. In the 39 minutes, Higuain got a pass from the team to stop the member and then launched his right leg. Edson left the ball out of her & # 39; crann chrom.

In the 51st minute, Debrune passed on the left side after going to & # 39; passing the defender player on the left. Aguero made a chieftain in the and hit on the car. In one minute later, the Chelsea license was spent on the right pushed from the penalty area.

In 55 minutes, Sterling broke the Aiset Quetta from the left hand side; pensioner and his final winner. The referee did not punish. Aguero an Kepa has made a start and success to go to & # 39; member to the net. , Manchester City 5-0.

In 59 minutes, Manchester City got a good free kick in the back. De Blaunet confirmed exactly and Kepa was set up. In 60 minutes, Manchester City was sent, Sterling went to Aguero, and the Argentine hit the ball and lost his left foot. In the 67th minute, Fernandinho made a cold arrow out, and Kepa did not put anything on her. ball was shot.

In a minute, Manchester City opposed her & # 39; game, Sterling passed over her member, and Jesús went into the penalty area and Kepa impeded her. legs with their feetIn the 80th minute, Manchester City played a series of incredible collaboration in the & # 39; In opposition, David Silva just sent out outside Zinchenko passing his & her; wall to the front, Sterling successfully won Manchester City 6-0 S-

At the end of the game, Manchester City hit Chelsea 6-0.

There will be two teams playing online

Manchester City (433): 31-Edson / 2-Kyle Walker, 5-Stars, 14-Laport, 35-Tinchenko / 17-De Braune (68 & 26; 26-Mahre 斯), 25-Fernandinho (75 & # 39; 21-David Silva), 8-Jing Duoan / 7-Sterling, 10 Wave (64-33 -33), 20-Berardo-Silva

Chelsea (433): 1-Kepa / 28-Aspiri Quetta, 2-Rudige, 3-David-Louis, 3-Marcos-Alonso (73 & # 39; 33-Emerson) / 7-Cant, 5-Riogno, 8-Bakley (52 & 17-Kovacic) / 11-Pedro (64 & 12; 12-Lovetus-Chirk), 9-Igua In 10-Azar

Technical statistics from both sides

Score Manchester City (highest Aguero)

Chelsea Score (Maximum Azar)

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