Premier League Return: Does the town increase the gap?


Premier League Return: Does the town increase the gap?

Winter Competition Power

Starting on & # 39; This round, the Premier League will enter the most important stage of the season. There will be no additional Premier League to give the place to the national team, instead from early to early 2019, during Christmas, the world's most popular league will enter the winter marathon with 9 Round of matches (from this visit to the end of the first round of the new year). The marathon is a very physical issue. It's a really good record, something you can see only in the & # 39; smoke.

No prizes will be awarded to Champion Champion. But it's not a decision that Premier League giants are aiming for this unofficial title. Why?

As it marks history, he has won good results in a winter marathon time and has never been a very important voice for the competition race. In the last 14 quarters in the Premier League, there have been 10 league leaders after a marathon; winter, which was crowned at the end of the season. That is, the competition is up to 71.4%. The closest case to Man City is the last season. In short, the start of a winter marathon season is not different from the passport to the candidates to the last season.

Man City is far away

After 12 walks, the Green Man has two points ahead of Liverpool and 3 points ahead of Chelsea. It can be said after having the first time to & # 39; run quickly further into the season, if Liverpool has started, Chelsea started to show signs of decline, more than just over, town. They started to create a speed with its & # 39; running group. And it is more likely that the Pep Guardiola team will be deeper excavated with the rest of the season after its & # 39; winter marathon. The reason is that the schedule of the benefits of the Premier League are in the 9 lightweight matches.

Evidence that the marathon is coming, its two game producers; town only, Big Six and Chelsea and Liverpool. In that game, the game with the Kop, the Green Person will be played at Stafa Etihad. The other seven walks, the Town & Country; face to face. And they are likely to bring the overall points in these games. If this happens, it will be difficult for the rest to grasp the Pep Guardiola army.

The greener men have more reasons to be happy because the most dangerous enemy in the Premier League Championship is not easy to draw. In the next circulars, The Kop's three large troops face M.U, Arsenal and Manchester City. It is not a slight chance for a teacher of teacher Juergen Klopp. In the remaining games, Liverpool also meets many uncomfortable challenges such as Everton, Bournemouth and Wolves. At present, the gap between Liverpool and Manchester City is 2 points. Do not be surprised if it is deeper after 9 rounds to the gap.

Man City has been in good order recently and the schedule has been supported. Who will stop them from flying in the winter marathon?

Man City is still in Number 1

According to Skybet, the Green Person is still the candidate Number 1 for the main League name of this season. In particular, it is the problem to eat Man City 7 competitors 2 2 (2/7). Liverpool (7/2), Chelsea (18/1), Tottenham (40/1), Arsenal (150/1) and M.U (250/1).


Man City

In the next nine games, she was Chelsea and Liverpool; in the home to a & # 39; meet the same two players. It's likely that they will collect more points after a marathon has been posted; winter.


There are many difficult games in Liverpool in the winter marathon. If they do not play with the highest part, they can even & # 39; s out of the second place.


Chelsea will open its & # 39; winter marathon by traveling to Tottenham. Then they have to meet Man City. Chelsea is not easy to continue to run on the green one.


Arsenal is also a heavy football team on a winter marathon when he won the 3 Great Wars of the Six. The Gunners will not be able to reach Top 4 after this time.


M.U is very suited to a winter marathon because of the fact that he has been in the middle of the country. They are just two large people. The rest of the Reds is also light. This is an opportunity for M.U to improve its status on its cart.

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