Prepare for short-term cooling


There is no cold now in our area but short-term and on Tuesday (20 November) the warmer air will flow to the front of the under-margin.

It informs the Hydrometeorological Slovak Institute (SHMÚ) on the social network.

"There's even more cold air already in our area, shortly after midnight, for example, above Poprad at a height of about 1,500 meters above sea level air temperature at three Celsius levels, over Vienna, less than four Celsius steps and over Budapest even less than five Celsius steps, "said meteorologists. However, the platform was yesterday in some of the & 39; places, for example in Orechova and over 11 Celsius degrees, which are still higher than average in the long run, about two to three degrees Celsius.

Throughout Poland and Ukraine, a cold face flows south, and the air goes to the south; grow warmer from the north east, with warmer air warmer. "As the end of November is near, the flow is warm, especially at lower jobs, which means a very unpleasant, soft, low and scary weather" SHMU says that the atmosphere could be cold, but due to its long-term average, we may not be able to; get into a significant temperature sub-norm next week.

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