Prepare the shovels; In half a day, it can fall to 25 centimeters


Primorje can not wait for him, and the rest of Slovenia will be able to take a white hill in the morning with a shovel.

snow, shovel


She has to go to work faster.

He was already today for a sample, but this was only very difficult to know about the future. Although the water began to rain after the lowlands of the Primorska area, the interior of the country is awaiting snow, published by the Slovakian Environment Agency (Arso). Temperature (The minimum mushrooms are from -3 to 1, in the Goriška and at the sea around 4 degrees Celsius.

It's a bit, the night is white

Especially at the route between Notranjska and Primorska, the situation will be completely winter, the prevailing level will be reduced locally, with windshed snow. As he said, however, night and morning are particularly marked with the snow, as it is; an ambulance zone, located above the Balearic sea, on the east side of the Mediterranean deepened in the morning. This moves rapidly on the face of Italy and Adriatic, and according to the Arso group, it will be closer to our places in the second half of the night and tomorrow morning.



Above his Balearic, an ironing appears, and his; move east.

Arso was at risk with the social network for cooling the atmosphere over us and the air temperature above a height of 500 meters below the frost. Snow starts in most of Japan to strengthened in the first part of the night, and the strongest expectations in the second part of the night and Tuesday morning. Not only on the lowlands of the Primorska area (in Goriška and on the coast) there will be water.

"In places of height above 500 meters above sea level, where the air temperature is negative all the time, from London to Tuesday morning, over 15 can be lost for 12 hours, and even 25 centimeters of local snow, " write them. After the depression within Slovenia, most of the most and more; falling from 5 to 15 centimeters of snow. Snow is mostly Tuesday afternoon, due to warming in altitudes it will be here late, and there will be no rainfall or rainfall. The terms will increase quickly on Tuesday.



The situation tomorrow tomorrow.

During the night, the Burja is higher than 100km per hour in open spaces, with the true door during the hardest festivals. Most of the traffic problems can be expected in the areas between Notranjska and Primorska, where there is a strong bora. snowfighting and snowbuilding, while at the same time the visibility will be greatly reduced due to their disturbance. Or, in the morning tomorrow, the situation will be on the winter roads, so that they will not be away from the road without an appropriate winter device, they will warn the port of They also give you advice to work more than usual, but to be tolerant and sensitive to the road, as the snow in the morning will be; Road breaks in many areas on lowland.

In the next week, hot air flows in heights, fast weather, and air temperature will not be covered in the morning. Snow lets slowly. So the first seasonal winter does not have a & # 39; going long.

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