Preparing for a game with Cambodia, Vietnam Phone was closed at noon


According to the VFF, the Vietnam team has a training session at the Hang Dao garden from 19h00 to 20h00 on November 23, the media is the first 15 minutes. However, at 22/11 noon, the crew came to the Hang Do closed fort. All players are present and the papers must not register any actions within the pitch.

Park Hang seems to have made their own computer for their game against Cambodia, to make sure that AFF Cup roundtrips are just as secure & # 39; as possible, avoiding unnecessary injury and penalties.

Quang Hai is able to stay in touch with Cambodia.

Huy Hung has escaped out of the wound and maybe it is the top priority in Hang Do.

Hong Duy is the next choice for Vietnamese team left corridor.


Xuan Truong has been disappointed in the A8 Cup level-band game 2018. It's a need to do so. mid player quietly to balance the game style.

Tomorrow, the team has a formal training session in the play.

Cambodian coach, Keisuke Honda, said: "It's hard for us, especially in this moment. I spent a lot of time building the team, so try to see if we play Well or not this weekend.

I told the players after a game against Laos, it's a process that's going to be a game against Laos, at the moment, and we will strive forward. In the coming days, it will be an important game for Vietnam. This is a strong enemy, so we need to prepare well. "

Yueyang / VTC News

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