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Stan Lee spoke on his phone and post for years with the investment center at the University of Wyoming.

It would produce materials to an American Heritage Center to maintain work over decades, preserving the pop culture of Marvel Comics, which is known for its purpose. creating, including the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Thor and Iron Man, and the ones that it is co-created, including Spider-Man.

In memory of Lee, who died at the age of 95 at the age of 95, a temporary exhibition begins on Monday in the corridor of the American Heritage Center. The show features show replicas from the center's collection of Lee's materials, while & # 39; It is one of the places still living in the debating chamber for its & # 39; reach the public, said William Hopkins, the center manager at the center.

"It's an interesting collection about the human being and its impact on people's lives," said Hopkins, who said that the exhibition should be open for several weeks.

Lee said in the 2012 interview that he was encouraged for archive material in Laramie that Jack Benny's humorous actress was archived there. Lee started the UW collection in 1981.

Lee left a legacy in the comic book business by creating fictional characters of mythical sharing with stories that could be used for their own lives, Hopkins said.

"Stan Lee wrote important stories and showed others that they can also," said Hopkins. "He especially showed people how to write good stories in the middle, even with a tight control of a comic code authority at that time."

Many people support Lee's characters, he said, even if they do not know who to create. The Marvel film licensing, in which Lee often cameo, has become a fantastic Hollywood event in recent years.

"You look at the films, and the television and the books and everything we consider as classical or important work, they have a fundamental link to the lives of people," said Hopkins . "And I think that's what Stan Lee has done to the comic book business. And indeed the book's business has changed completely to the work he was doing."

Lee's collection is among the best and most important of the American Heritage Center, Hopkins said. Lee added the items in vessels between 1981 and 2011, according to the website.

"This incredible person gave not only that he had a valuable AHC research material overlooking him, and kept us on his radar regularly despite the timetable urgent, "Leslie Waggener's Archivist said last week's appointment on an American Heritage Center blog. "He made a tweet about it, interviewed us and guided others in the funny business so we could incorporate the archive into our archive."

In the mid-90s, the venue created an exhibition of the Stan Lee Archive when he visited the campus, and pieces are displayed here and there over the years. For the first time in more than two decades, a & # 39; Most of that exhibition was back for the temporary exhibition, Hopkins said.

The exhibition may be small compared to what a museum exhibit, but Hopkins has a small portion of over 100 Lee's leg boxes. It invites visitors to explore the material.

The center has six text panels that define the largest search areas, and # 39; including Wyoming and the West, economic geology and entertainment industry.

"Stan Lee has a small balloon at his own, it is about four square feet and describes his / her impact on the comic book and culture industry loved him, who grew over a year, "said Hopkins. "And, indeed, of course, many films have created characters that created it, so its impact on a popular culture was great."

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