President DENK Öztürk will be the leader of the list of elections of the NON-Shannon


Selçuk Öztürk, co-founder and chairman of the DENK political party, taking part in the election of the Assembly as leader of the list.

That is THINK News this week in the Afrikaanderpark in Rotterdam. This is also the start of the campaign for the Parish Council elections.

Since it is not allowed to be a member of the two Chambers, Özturk will complete its membership at the House of Representatives. A detailed detail is not yet validated for this, let your speaker notify the party.

If the Öztürk left of the Disabled House, Glacys Albitrouw will be taken over. Albitrouw was in the fourth place in the DENK election list for the House of Representatives in 2017.

Established Oztürk DENK with Kuzu in 2015

Öztürk DENK established in 2015 with Tunahan Kuzu. Both MPs were dismissed from their PVDA party in November 2014, due to an open judgment on the integration policy of the Minister of Social Affairs at Lodewijk Asscher.

They reported suddenly that they wanted to stay in the Indoor House and start their own move.

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