President Lee Yong-ma, MPM reporter, "I'm sure a growth policy is run by income" –


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Lee Myung-ja, "President Wen and President of Broadcasters,

President Moon Jae-en has recently confirmed that he has been visiting Yonsei MBC reporters during recent cancer.

The reporter said, "I am very grateful to President Moon for a visit to his paper," he wrote on the day. "I am very grateful than you did for me."

"I think it would be very important to use the knee launcher that Kim Jung-sook introduced to me." "It's a memorable memory for children," said his grandfather.

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He said, "The president has also responded to the message that he delivered his head of national communications," he said. "We have shown a strong position on the revenue-led growth policy and the chaebol-centra economic structure changes."

"There is no change (President Moon) in terms of benefit extension," he said. "At least, there is a strong belief in economic policy, so there is no endless trust."

The reporter asked Yun to give President Moon a message that he said "Keep the revenue-driven growth policy" and "Let's revive the public devolution of public procurement system . "

He said, "Incredible general information is his high president." He said that "he would be actively reviewing the enhanced expansion of public opinion committees system". He also said, "I welcomed a plan for running a public representation with the Public Relations Committee when I was choosing a leader of a broadcaster." However, "it's a legal ban."

He said, "I also wanted to investigate the question of whether the National Assembly's delegation would be able to listen to the secretary." I'd like to implement it; see the plan soon. "

The reporter was quit in March 2012 after a strike called a president; MBC, Kim Jae-cheol, retired, and returned in December 2017 when President MBC Choi Seung-ho took office. It has been diagnosed with peritoneal cancer in 2016 and is still at risk. In December 2016, just before the president's election, President Moon made a spokesperson for the reporter and promised to re-instate journalists without work.

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