President of 2019: Ousmane Sonko in the heart of nebula affair


In order to understand this case, we must go back to the PASTEF party's notable letter. In this loss, Ousmane Sonko threw his pen in vitriol.

The letter "denouncer" is sent to the Representative of the Republic, the various agencies of state control, that is, the HIE, the OFNAC.

In its definitions, which do not hold water, Ousmane Sonko is a Writing that it is realistic, that is a ban on public money, that is a big money (sum of 100 million CFA).

Everything started on November 12, 1997 (you do not have an old woman). He was under the reign of President Diouf.

That day, President Abdou Diouf sends his signals to the same position as his governing head at the time (editor's note: Habib Thiam).

The order with a & # 39; signal 97-119 / Mefp / Dgid / Dedt "sets out public resources, the Plots development program confirmed to Rufisque", "states that the listed buildings required for its & # 39; implement that program "and" ordering the national land dependency registration included in the project ".

Article 1 of the order states: "It has been designated as a public resource for the development of Plocan development project in Rufisque by Sn Hlm" as long as Article 2 states that the listed buildings that can be provided for its program delivery.

A list, attached to the command, lists these 23 domains, some with Maha Kochman, Biao Senegal, Demba Gueye, etc.

The 1451 / R domain title belongs to families in Rufisque, Sofico of Tahirou Seydou Sarr, Mercalex of Ousmane Sonko, SAIM of Fire Djily Mbaye …

However, it is the only thirteen that appears, the one who is, appears on the table, that is the 1451 / R of 254 hectares 13 to 93, at the time, designated as an assortment of Saim's independence Lougatois, Djily Mbaye.

However, on February 4, 1959, the same Tf, located in the town of Diakhané, in the suburbs of Rufisque, was recorded in the name Ousmane Mbengue, Fatou Ndoye, Binta Ndoye and Marième Mbengue.

However, on April 8, 1978 and February 28, 1979, the land as a subject was a syllabus to welcome Saim Saorsa.

In particular, a previous order made by Me Wade to the executive powers.

But this challenge was opposed to a convicted procedure that was the subject of his judgment before court of No. 157 of 21 January 1998 of Court First Case of Duke; Birth No. 618 of 5 April 2000 issued by the same court; Comment Àir. 451 of 12 March 2005 of the Dakar Court of Appeal; of the judgment of the High Court of Senegal No. 53 of 2 June 2010 and, finally, of the review of the Kaolack Appeal Court on 9 February 2012. So, the sale was deferred. And, according to its criticism on 9 February 2012, which came to an end on 12 March 2012 and not being appealed or opposed, owners' names were true of IT number 1451 / R -stead.

The state generates 254 hectares for families and has been dead for more than 15 years

Before the way above was finished, Saim's independence was, because it was cited before being sent; court wants to embed a sales activity, to get rid of the Tf. So, in 1996, he continued to exchange with the State of Senegal, Tf Àir. 1451 / R against another building. However, due to the description of the non-confidential objection that was initiated by the Ousmane Mbengue heirs and the enrolled pre-ranking, secondary to his / her; A process to stop the land from 13 July 1995, the State of Senegal, the exchange place, would be clear, instead of going to demolish a public resource, to get the Tf. This is how Abdou Diouf, November 12, 1997, ordered the order mentioned above.

Over 15 years after this legislation, the state-made 254 hectares were still not paid as required by law in relation to the law. attack.

It will be necessary to wait until June 10, 2016, to see the five families (Oumy Ndoye, Fatoumata Ndoye, Ndiaga Ndoye, Binta Ndoye and the Ousmane Mbengue family) the end of the tunnel. They have been agreed with the trading company and its company; trading company (Sofico Sa), who is represented by the managing director of Seydou Sarr Dit Tahirou, is the duty of the claim that they have been compensated for the State for public resources that they have and their Belonging to a part of the number of 1451 / R land negotiated by order 97-1119 of 12 November 1997.

For laws, by buying debt, there is a third company, a factory company (factor in English), a & # 39; Buying money that is funded by a company.

"The bailiff will come with this contract on the application and instead of the original creditor, and take care of all the measures to match the amounts that match The repayments made are refunded. They also include the legal costs and include all dangers, and including dangers in incapacity ", as defined by a dedicated website.

And that's just what Sofico does from his payment, the opponent of the box, 2.5 billion FCfa Yéri Diakhaté, family agent Oumy Ndoye; Saliou Ndiaye, representative of Fatoumata Ndoye's family; Mass Sène Gningue Sarr, representative of Ndiaga Ndoye's family; Abdou Mbengue, representative of the family of Ousmane Mbengue and Ibrahima Sarr, a representative of the Binta Ndoye family.

Apart from that, Sofico has paid me an FCA 300 Massata Mbaye mat, who made all the items on behalf of the heirs and FCFA 30 million to buyers. Then, private debt operations are deposited at the rank of notarial office makers Master Lika Ba on November 17, 2016, copyright holders, actions and bids are indicated in an affirmatively acted by date 2. July 2014 issued by the owner-occupier and domain rights to the Rufisque office on their rights, parts and applications on the 1451 / R land title number to the applicant's company. He is now up to Tahirou Sarr to get the claim back and, of course, an interest from the State. What has not been done until yesterday, although Sofico has spread about 3 billion.

Purchase of debts signed in June 2016 between the families and Sofico Sa de Seydou Sarr dit Tahirou

However, on October 5, 2018, that is, 11 days before the Ousmane Sonko scattered route and over two years after repaying the money, Sofico receives a letter with a formal notice who has a Mercalex head who also says to work on behalf of … the same heels that have already filed a 2.5FA FCFA pack.

Two years later, Mercalex wrote, who said he worked for the heirs that signed his approval to Sofico.

According to documents, Mercalex is a "young" tax company since it was created on June 29, 2018 under the SNDKKR2018B1836 trading record and was held in the Marists, a lot of 14 at the Dious Ousmane building. His director is Ismaïla Ba and his company, as a corporate, legal, tax, accounting, finance, management, inspection and consultation purpose.

According to his Linkedin profile where he expressed & # 39; & # 39; Solutions & # 39; & # 39; Ousmane Sonko to the date of 23 October 2018 in any situation (see the same day), Ismaïla Ba is also a director of Atlas Sarl's company. On the Atlas site, we found his exhibition: "The management of Atlas Atlas has been given by Mr Ismaïla. Legal legal expert by Good in economic and business law and master's degree in business taxes is also a reminder of a tax expert order of experts from Senegal.

After knowing more than 15 years in tax consulting, in companies that include multi-nationally registered companies, he chose a new challenge, a new challenge as Atlas Sarl related director (…) ".

In short, in the letter with the title & # 39; & # 39; IT Regulation 1451 / R separates the 121 hectares, it writes: "By order dated 13 September, 2018, we will come with an order and on behalf of the IT 1451 / R with the main objective of finding a definitive settlement for the case mentioned in the subject for the benefit of the heir. On the basis of instructions on the case, mentioned above, we found an interim report dated 19 June 2016 where certain copyright rights, submissions and submissions on the domain title are 1451 / R of an area of ​​258 hectares, the right to submit claims to Sofico Sa in exchange for one of two billion five hundred million Fcfa. "

Mercalex, who decides to make two court decisions; denies a negotiated summary between the two parties, saying: "Apart from that, in the context of file searching, it seems to have been discovered, the company Sofico Sa, who is a legal representative, has been involved in the Ngor Almadies area office on part of the title 1451 / R with a space of 1217707 square meters at a level of 37,000 Fs per square meter. 44,833,159,000 Ffa, a sum that says that Sofico has agreed to pay the estates to be able to agree with the State of Senegal for the same sum. To date, the heirs are not on that amount mentioned in the activity Get a decision ", a & # 39; express the letter.

12% Commission for Ousmane Sonko in the background

Mercalex headteacher opens a break: "A reminder of a final settlement goal for the benefit of the estates, we will positively affirm us for arranging to give benefits (note, It is marked in black) as it is easy to protect the heir's interests. If you do not live within eight weeks of a & # 39 ; obtaining our emails, we use all legal procedures to protect the interests of our agreements 1451 / R. estate "

The same letter will be sent to Tahirou Sarr as the General Director of the UEMOA land settlement. Not only does the letter report to this time, that Cfu with the Ngor Almadies field office has part of the same title of 1350000 square meters at a level of 37,000 FCfa in its position; square meters total 49, 9 billion FCfa. According to an expert report released by Libération, Cfu and Sofico could hope more in other places.

Anyway, which adds to the two sums of something; Invasion – not paid until yesterday – we get $ 94 billion that "Mamour Diallo would have gone back"; although the domain name of the domains is not mentioned anywhere in all the documents we have met and yet these two languages ​​- to pay it – the Sonko a & # 39; Exit the letters that may be & # 39; leaving "public funds", taking care not to & # 39; mentions his name.

"For a final settlement after a Sonko meeting"

There is something else: a month earlier, on September 13, 2018, Mercalex introduced "approval agreement" by Abdourahmane Baldé, tax adviser, and empowered "to participate as a referee in & # 39; case 1451 / R ". More specifically, "the general objective of the proxy is to obtain a resolution related to the" case "and" which is stated as enacted, the person -translate 10 per cent of net collected by order in the context of the purpose of the case ", according to their contract.

The "principal" was based on 12% of the sums received in an agreement signed by the heirs that opposed Sofica's separate separation.

On September 24, 2018, 11 days after the signature of this board, Sofico will receive a letter to & # 39; inviting him … an incredible settlement, with the same arguments about Mercalex but signed by Ab Partners in Sicap town Keur Gorgui.

What about his manager? This is, according to the page, Abdourahmane Baldé. Before this letter, the last sent a number of SMS to Tahirou Sarr (see article on the famous sms).

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