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19.11.2018 14:49

Paulina Fialk

Paulina Fialk on archive image.

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The protest against the appeal is led by Pauline and Ivona Fialkov with the dietary union.

The Soviet Biathlon Union banned its actions against the Fialkovi sisters
The law has played on sport, as well as the dietary diet to Slovakia
major international events. This is an application with their legal representative,
law firm GARANT PARTNER legal s.r.o.

"Biathlon Biathlon Federation introduced a biathlon proposal in August 2018
Contracts to consolidate the representation of state sports in a & # 39; breach §
Section 29 (3) of the Act of the Act. 440/2015 Colla. on sport as amended
rules. The law has a sport to authenticate the rights and responsibilities
the sports producer will correct the sports organization's rules, which are not
Contract for preserving national sports production.

A rule means an agreed activity in a format, for example, Statute
producer. Following a Sports Act, the Ministry delivered it
education, science, research and sport directly by referring to paragraph 29 paragraph
3 of the Sports Act, "explains the legal law of the Guarant Company.
in a statement.

In a decision, he says: "The result of its illegal procedure
The Soviet Biathlon Society is a disciplinary control – an impediment to
competitions related to the representation of a Slovak Republic. implemented
contract registration outside the legal area is not inappropriate from the opinion
legal order of a Slovak Republic. Such a treaty would be in line
by the rules of the Civil Code invalid because it has not been signed
freely and badly. "

Opinion of a law firm by the Slovak Biathlon Union (SZB)
to break a & # 39; Law on Sport and the Right of Sisters of Fialc for Representation
Slovakia responded, Tomas Fusko, President of the SZB. Your idea about it
by registering a & # 39; a contract for consolidating both state sport production
Biathlon changes do not change:

President of the Slovak Biathlon Federation Tomáš Fusko. "Data-original ="

President of the Slovak Union
foodthlon Tomas Fusko.
Author: SITA, Jakub Julény

"I hope that this common perpetual wins will win. If I do not believe it was all
so I can not do the union leader, "he said.

"There has been some controversy, there are obstacles, the athletes' ideas,
law, neighborhood, parents. A lot of information was gathered
a process, I'm hopeful. I just hope that those who do the sport will be the same
we will be able to do with the athletes we have built. everyone
which is our pride in our sport, to stand for a & # 39; first time
in production uniform with an effort to bring forward happiness,
as in the previous Olympics.

I'm ready to negotiate every day. Beginning of the season and World Cup
I come close, I do not; think what can I do, what
or not. Today you can find a lot of solution in 20 minutes.
We all understand that the time is & # 39; going away and action is needed quickly,
constructive and for profit, "added Fusko.

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