President Pahor will now meet the ecosystems today


19 politicians and Healthy policy makers and experts and experts from non-governmental, academic and government institutions were invited by a President.

"The world has not changed for hundreds of years as big as our time. People's life is more comfortable, easier, and Earth is one of the warmest steps than in a proactive time," wrote Pahor in the invitation.

If the Paris Treaty was adopted in 2015, in order to avoid the worst problem, we can target global temperature to two Celsius levels, a new study has been carried out; recommend that more needs to be done. An increase in temperature above 1.5 degrees would be, and if we do nothing, it will before 2040.

"The debate I want to promote should contribute to common thinking, as well as a better understanding and, above all, a bigger decision for our future actions," write Pahor.

At the beginning of December, the head of state will also participate in an international meeting of directors in Katowice, Poland, within the Party Conference framework to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The fundamental purpose of the conference, which is held under the motto "Let's change together", will be to accept a rules book for the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in 2021 .

All this shows that it is & # 39; debate today, in particular, global warming.

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