President Shadow / Fengnian Wang Wenhao "in his position" the announcement of the Agricultural Committee sound files Vice President Li Shuzhi refused.


▲ ▼ President's letter Feng Nian Wang Wenhao's handwritten handwriting. (Picture / Review of Wang Wenhao's Facebook, Wang Wenhao)

▲ Election writing by President Feng Nian Wang Wenhao. (Picture / Review of Wang Wenhao's Facebook, Wang Wenhao)

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Wang Wenhao, president of Fengnian, retired. It is understood that Li Renzhi, vice chair of the Agriculture Committee, was under local pressure. On November 15, "Wang Wenhao was asked to use the Fengnian Society as the Dounan Farmer's Association to help to book a book for others." To retire, but on the morning of the 21st, Li's answers were asked about this case. Li retreat said, "We did not kill him."

Li Renzhi, vice chairman of the Agriculture Committee, questioned this case when he was interviewed. Li Tiezhi told the reporter "He said (Wang Wenhao), I think this is not the knowledge of our Fengnian society." Follow the reporter; ask the truth. Why does Li think it is still being handled. As to whether Yunlin's election is very dangerous, he says, "Is it true? Do you want to ask the landowners of the county of Li? Thank you."

Wang Wenhao Statement:

For the chairman of the Fengnian Society and vice president of the Agriculture Committee, Li Yuanzhi continued to say that the Fengnian Society had helped the Dunbuan Farmers Association to help publish and publish books. holding new bookcases, and expressing me to be involved in the KMT campaign, causing local people in Yunlinshire to go back. The higher complaint of the COA and the application for my retirement is the responsibility of the statement:

First of all, I was sorry to retire due to unreasonable reasons. But before he left his chairman, he said the words were different. Change my opinion, the words were hard, and I did not accept the joy because they did not; I can work with the chairman and COA officials.

Secondly, for the chairman of the board, Li Huizhi, director of the Agriculture Committee, Zhang Qihuang, translated in Fengnian's business, guide and participate in the work and management of the Fengnian Society, and taking into account the authority of its board of directors, I do not; feel without need. In particular, Chairman Li Huizhi gave Fengnian's personal personal information to an outside non-Fengnian. I can not agree.

Third, for Li Huizhi, deputy chairman and consultant Zhang Qihuang, who called Dounan's Countryside Association to publishing books and keeping books; signatures, the Chairman of the Lin Congxian Agricultural Council was unhappy, and the local people in Yunlin. I'm sorry.

The "ETtoday News Cloud" received a recording file, this is the conversation between President Fengnian Wang Wenhao and vice president of the Li Huizhi Agricultural Committee. The following is as follows:

He retreat: Wenhao, do you want to talk about, why is it like this?

Wang Wenhao: Indeed … I started from the beginning.

Lee leaves: Then you say faster

Wang Wenhao: Indeed, the Dounan Farmers' Association, at the beginning of the year, due to their 100th anniversary next year, would come in with a memorial book. We would only know the Southern Chinese Farmers Association. And when Liao Anding in the past, they co-operated with the Agriculture Council policy when they were from Li Jinlong's leadership. He also retired, and wanted to make a review book, so at the beginning of the year. To say he had to come in with such a book according to a hundred years ago review, and an introduction to the inside.

This happened to be closely related to the COA policy. It happened that Fengyin had recited many previous articles, so he was equally consistent with the past articles. After that, he hoped to hold a new bookcase. I realized that he wanted to & # 39; a chosen teacher. He wanted to do it in Dounan first. I said I do not want to say it's very aware. I hope the new conference will be published books in the bookstore, and then I chose to do it at Huwei Eslite. Book publishing.

We also want not to have any ads on the site, that is, you just talk about some of the ideas for changing that farm in the past, as the secret of Liao Anding Liao Yesterday, as they were collaboration centrally to local level. When planning the agricultural place, Zhongwei, food and agricultural education, includes product and sales, as in the last time he was a & # 39; cooperate with most production and sales, and so it would also Talk about how they paid for the farmers It means we will publish the content of our products again.

Lee says: But do you know the day of the political election of yesterday's election campaign?

Wang Wenhao: I do not know.

Lee leaves: Do you know he wants to & # 39; choose a seaman?

Wang Wenhao: I learned it again.

Lion Lee: What's Later?

Wang Wenhao: I did not know at the beginning of the year.

Lee leaves: Indeed, indeed, at the beginning of the year, I do not know. A & # 39; question, did you know yesterday?

Wang Wenhao: Yesterday I was (broken)

He dropped off: Before you organized this event yesterday, did you know he was going to choose the maritime? What do you say is very simple, there is no signature of an election or anything on the site. What do you think of the outside world? You've been a long term media reporter, how are you feeling? When the election is held, when an applicant in the election time, everything he does for elections! How do people think it's not an election activity? there?

Wang Wenhao: But … so we want to say at that bookshop (circulated)

He lets Li: you can also understand that you tell him if you want to name a book, you can, but the right time is not, I can wait until early December to help you, I can Help me by selling, I can help you with other channels Yes, are you not considered?

Wang Wenhao: This part was not expected from the beginning because he wanted to do two games at first, we said we should not do it because it's too often, so we hope that It is the content of books; there.

Zhang Qihuang: This is a bit bad, because Li is also under great pressure. We can not sleep last night, so we want to talk to you about what you do.

He let it go: there's a very dangerous choice in Yunlin … It's very dangerous. His entire campaign is in line with Korean Yu and Zhang Lishan. Fengnian Society has probably helped him run the event and become a whole Kuomintang choice. Part of the activity.

Wang Wenhao: I asked that these flags were on the site yesterday (it was stopped)

Zhang Qihuang: You should hear the news! XXX is very wild like this, it's a night! We should collect a collection. This stress is very large, what do you think about this? If you say because the vice president is trying to try to get hurt too much, but you have to give an explanation, so you need to talk on the one hand as to make a comparison with you, but we need to do the same. Our tight understanding is to let us work better for you. For example, if you want to delete it directly, but this is very hurt you, the vice president does not want this … but it does not seem to be that. So if you want to talk to you, you can say otherwise. We can see how we can help you to arrange it later.

Wang Wenhao: It does not matter. However, it is based on law law.

Zhang Qihuang: If they are sent to you, do you accept it?

Wang Wenhao: At least, by law, what should be, then the end of the year, when?

Zhang Qihuang: Then we will help you, maybe you're responding today, and you have to report with her; chairman. If not, it's good, that is to say, if you want to retire, do not know why, but! The chairman will comfort you, and if you are in a position, comfortably, you can still leave it, and then we will help you to count your salary for 3 months from then on, and then we will help you to see if there is a right work arrangement.

Wang Wenhao: Well, no matter at least, all of these are based on the law. It does not matter if you work.

Zhang Qihuang: If you have a law, you will have some loss. Have you previously signed a Fengnian contract? When Cao was responsible.

Wang Wenhao: Indeed, there was a letter at that time.

Zhang Qihuang: This is a contract, that is, you are a manager. A & # 39; right to do that. Your decision is that money is the way to spend money. This is not because I'm on Chaluji, it's really tough. South Westerly

Lee says: Imagine just not just a member of staff.

Zhang Qihuang: Because you did not mention one, when you put in to you and said that if you want to give you a refusal, how to do it, how do you have money, and you have to remember something like this to write in the future, right! Anyway, because he was a manager; In you, it is clear that this is not the breadth of the application. If it is not relevant, it is difficult to use the Labor Law to tell you that the board is going to give you money, so we want to say, how we will use the way to give you a break, and then say we have our sympathy, but we will ; use this way to work. But Lagh Lawy is not called it.

Wang Wenhao: What did the three months mean full wages? Is it added to those things?

Zhang Qihuang: What do you get, premature payment does not count, travel is not counted.

Wang Wenhao: I had not been working too long.

Zhang Qihuang: But what level did you get first, that is, and then help you to count, you are doing; retire today, and then you will not be used to work tomorrow, but we will help you count to the end of November.

Lee is listening: The salary in November is still completely for you.

Wang Wenhao: November?

Zhang Qihuang: Then you will give you another two months.

Lee Lee: it's a packet.

Zhang Qihuang: Not only 喔, it should be 3 months.

He says that this should be said, as in fact, incredibly, if you follow Labor Law, even though you count all the two years, you only have one month's salary , the new labor system like this is Qi Huang at the offer. I have to go. Due to this procedure, in accordance with the rules, if I do not, let them go voluntarily, there's nothing. Do you understand what I'm doing? mean?

So I want to eliminate your behalf, you are a manager, so your situation is different, so the thing that I am now recommending is & # 39; give you a package. This folder is that I must agree with the table, there are all the terms added to it, that is, in addition to the total salary in November, and the salary will be paid the whole of the next two months. Do you understand what I'm doing? mean?

That will not be worse than this. This basic setting is. This is what I need, this is the most important thing. That says, tell me that I hope you will present at least a symbolic tag today, but I'll keep this job, I will not handle it, ; you left voluntarily if I take it, nothing is left. Do you understand what I'm doing? mean? So I'll keep it and I'll keep it, then I use the temporary board to handle your departure, this is the case.

Zhang Qihuang: Tell me about my knowledge. I usually used to be as xxx. It is different from your own. Tell me my headteacher that I was in a position; going straight and I have no choice. I also addressed this, so I may know this (broken).

He let it back: I want to say that, I feel sorry, why do you know? In fact, when we communicate in detail, some of the things that keep you up-to-date with my thoughts, this part is largely reinforced by the fact that, chairman, although he said that he gave me a tight ultimatum, he said first If you can not keep up with your steps, the entire budget will be cut in half-year next year. We need to cut half of it. But in this recent process, at least what you are doing; Following some of my contracts, some films are short, etc, and you'll find it. Confirmation.

But this is the last straw to break the camel. I'm wondering why you were in the media so long. How can a political review about elections, and only from Hu Zhongyi, think about it. Looking at her & # 39; This mix (a mix of new writing order), how can this combination be appropriate to the COA team?

Wang Wenhao: This is very familiar with it, and it's really green. In fact, I know that blue and green should be fair.

He draws back: So you know that the revival in this place is strong, and that the Yunlin County government is true, over and over. Last year, it has been backup over against its & # 39; behind, and we've lost a lot of it.

Zhang Qihuang: Without Wenhao you can write a job before you left, and then let it go, then you will go back and talk to your colleagues, that is, you should not Thinking too much, because & # 39; Your words are more respectful.

Wang Wenhao: I also brought Li Jinlong ahead …

Zhang Qihuang: They will not look in. Cha b & # 39; I can sleep until I was yesterday. I'm going somewhere.

He let him: Because the job is retired, how to give you more rights in the & # 39; method, how do I want to deal with it now, but I need to respond to the local committee and locals, so It should be easy to understand.

Zhang Qihuang: I wrote it and sent it here, let's go to the office of its chairman first, or do you want to, & # 39; to use my computer directly?

Wang Wenhao: Yes, if there is a blank paper page, I will write it directly.

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