President Steve Carell sent a powerful gloom to President Trump as three Jeff Bezos on SNL


The comedy Steve Carell was held Saturday Night Live Last night, and Amazon said about the final elections for secondary headquarters in Queens, New York and Crystal City, Virginia, the main goal of one sketch. In that case, Carell will represent the Amazon Chief of Jeff Bezos to explain the real reason why the two places made the cut: to President Troll Donald Trump.

It does not allow to use the sketch to use a picture of Bezos by using the " use its company and its wealth to try to inspire Trump: "It's sure he sometimes attacked me again on Twitter, but I chose the new places because they were good for business expanding, Trump is thinking about how I'm literally 100 times richer than it is. "It's a going to another headquarters in Beach Beach, Florida, from the town of Trump at Mar-a-Lago, its purchase in 2013 The Washington Post – focusing on several clan chiefs – and "announcing" a new delivery service called Amazon Caravan, where a large group of immigrants can, Give anything to the Trump building. It is triggered by & # 39; Lightening breaks to create the Amazon logo of the White House project.

It's a short sketch that's on the nose, but it's a long time. shows that Bezos and Amazon's choice were inspired by the ambition of the president, who had often criticized Bezos and his company. After the site was named, Trump said The Daily Caller that he was feeling even though his & # 39; The company was the best things it got, that the cities had been Given a lot, and they considered that he could be a bad decision if he did; However, Bezos has been criticizing her & her; President and his commentary, says he is "dangerous to influence the media."

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