Presigium Migros: Special support for Ursula Nold


An exhibition in the tower at the Migros headquarters in Zurich! On Saturday, the new president of Migros will be elected. For a long time, the former manager of SBB, Jeannine Pilloud, had better cards than Ursula Nold, president of the Migros representatives meeting. But the tide has turned.

Exhibition in the Migros Tower on Limmatplatz at Zurich. On Saturday, the representatives elect Jeannine Pilloud (54) or Ursula Nold (49) as new leader of the Migros Joint Alliance (MGB). Nold, former president of Migros, or Pilloud, former head of passenger transport with the SBB. It would appear that the latter and the bag had an option. Migros was sent up as an official candidate.

Shortly before the election, the tide is entered for Pilloud as a competitor and opposing candidate Nold. Now the heads of Migros now recognize color for Nold!

Thus Migros, Anton Scherrer (77), steered the giant's fortune between 2001 and 2005. “Anyone wishing to manage Migros's administration must be very friendly and determination, and they must be able to eliminate athletic change and democratic understanding. Ursula Nold can do that, "Scherrer wants to go away." She has been fascinating after the Presidency of the delegates' meetings of the Miggae. "

Pilloud is attacked by old presenters

Two women, two camps. Pilloud is seen as a candidate for modern media. According to reports, he is largely supported by the head of Migros-Zurich Jörg Blunschi (56). Nold, on the other hand, is pulled by traditional people who see it as the founder of a protected heritage of Migros Gottlieb Duttweiler († 74).

For example, Herbert Bolliger (65), who was on Migros for 12 years until December 2017, said: "Ursula Nold is ready for the Migros Executive Committee. She has years of experience talking for her. She knows the Migros Imperium of fonds and stands for Dutti's values, 'said Migory's BLICK.

The former Migros, Jules Kyburz (87) also praised Nold as president: "Dutti's vote for Ursula Nold," he will be writing in a letter to the editor in this edition. "Migros Magazin" at the moment. Kyburz was in charge of the association from 1993 to 2000.

In an open letter from LOOK, former presenters appearing in public as the Nold "Anciens kingfishers" group. She is a highly regarded leader, is highly associated with the dispersed Migros community and: "This is very important: it would represent the values ​​of Migros by conviction."

At the same time, the old representatives are burning at a glance at the old SBB Pilloud. They have no connection with Migros and generally sell trade. “It is a job that gets work with sometimes straightforward changes. "

Nold and the regional principles

Nold has another trick to sleep. The new President Migros is chosen by the Representatives' Assembly. This is the organization that Nold has been chair for ten years. She personally knows the regional principles and can therefore lobby easily for her reason.

Is it already the case for the sovereignty to have run? “The movement on the ground, especially between the two women, should be positive if it is scarce,” Migros Insider said for a look, just in the history of Migros. the first time, standing at the largest private employer in Switzerland.

This is how President Migros has been selected

Last autumn, Migros's administrative president, Andrea Broggini (62), resigned from the post in the early half of 2019. By the end of 2018, nominees for the Presidium may have been appointed. be sent to the responsible assessment committee, which includes three each person from the administration and office of the representatives' meeting. This examined the candidates' records and gave lectures. Goal: make a contribution to the representatives. The panel chose Jeannine Pilloud (54). She will decide whether she is to be elected by the 111 representatives of the 10 Migros fellowships. The Migros selection rules state: "The delegates vote without any guidance as well as knowledge and belief. Every person has one vote. Proceedings are not allowed." that three quarters of the representatives must attend. Sven Zaugg

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