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The Government will give Prešovský samosprávny kraj (PSK) for the second and third-class rail reconstruction in its administration with a cash support of 12 million USD of state financial property. This was decided on Tuesday with the government as proposed by the Minister of Finance Petr Kažimir, with the release of money slowly due to applications as of 31 May and 30 November between 2019 and 2021.

"The aim is to create settings for complete infrastructure
in the county that governs the II roads. and III. classes in full time
2436km. Returning financial assistance will be faster
restructuring road infrastructure, emergency emergency emergency removal and
to increase road safety, "said his ministerial Tuesday
finance. "Prešovský department gives a voluntary loan in years
Between 2019 and 2021 and to pay ten normal investments over the years
2021 to 2030, "added the finance department.

Providing financial assistance will apply financial material
Effective operation of state budget deficit in accordance with the ESA procedure
2010 and the Finance Ministry does not expect other effects. The interest rate
It is to pay ten year financial help, for his & her; first time before 30 November
2021, after two and a half years repayment.

Section Prešov funding is not enough for regular renewal
roads. The estimated level of facilities for complex road upgrades
II. and III. five year class for 125 million. iour. Division each year
he funds from his own resources a road network revitalization in a book of 8 to 8
10 million. iour. In 2004, the Prešov Department agreed a financing proposal
Continuous repair of road roads in the form of a public-private project
partnership in construction value of 16.6 miles. iour. Later in years
2006 to 2009 under a loan agreement with the European Investment Bank
(EIB) the department was benefiting from a & # 39; return resources and investment investments special
sections of 43 miles. iour.

Prešov Department was using the 2007-2013 program time
The opportunities for funding from the Regional Action Program and the Program
cross border cooperation between Poland and Slovakia. There is currently no second one
2016 loan agreement with the EIB in the number of 30 million. euro, at the same time
Drawing on financial resources from the Integrated Action Program for years
2014 to 2020 in the sum of 36 million. and from the Outreach Cooperation Program
Eadarreg in as much as 15 miles. iour.

Road and Road Administration of PSK Road 520 km of roads II. classes and
1 road 916 km III. class. "Technical shape of the II and III roads. Classes
PSK boundaries are unsatisfactory and does not ensure that there is enough operation
ability, "said the material. Based on the technical state of construction
there is a road on the II road. 138 km deep in inconvenience
state and 32 km in crisis. On the road III. class is inconvenient
state 452 km and 79 km in an emergency situation.

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