Previous Xi Jinping G20 Tour to Spain Changes to Xihui Harbor – News – Rti Central Radio Station


Previous Xi Jinping G20 Tour to Spain Changes to Xihui Harbor – News – Rti Central Radio Station

  • Time: 2018-11-21 17:35
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  • Writer: Huang Qilin

It is said that Xi Jinping will travel to Spain on the 28th, and when the "Xi Hui Harbor" is debated and on the horizon. follow to the idea. (AFP)

It is expected that the US President Trump and President Xi Jinping will meet at the G20 meeting in Argentina at the end of the month. However, it has now been said that Xi Jinping will go to Spain on 28th. When "Chuan Xi Hui" comes on a platform and it will be covered.

The G20 conference will be held in Argentina from November 30 to December 1. Hong Kong's media, South China Morning Post, report that Trump and Xi Jinping are registered the day before the official G20 conference, which is November 29, but the reports after that. It means that Both parties have a party party after the G20 meeting.

Less than 10 days away from the G20 conference, this year marks 45 years from the establishment of diplomatic relations between Spain and China. El Pais Spanish newspaper said Xi Jinping visited Spain on November 28. In terms of the time of the trip, there is no special statement. It does not mean that Xi Jinping will be meet the Spanish King and his Prime Minister, and his & her; visit the National Assembly and keep dinner at a & # 39; Royal Palace.

On the 20th, a spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Yan Shuang, told the media whether or not Xi Jinping would be; Visiting Spain next week. "When Chinese leaders visit China, China will add relevant news after a while.

Due to the fact that Xi Jinping's trip to Spain took place just before the G20 conference, even though Xi Jinping used the jet lag to go up, it was very hard, which gave the world a certain outright at least The Xi Chuan would be on the menu and the unique specific time.

Although South China Morning Post said that both China and the United States have strictly discussed details of Sichuan's dinner, but some American scholars have analyzed that the Sichuan is suspended .

VOA said that the International Center for Research and Research Center (CSIS) took the US idea of ​​the G20 conference on the 20th. Goodman, chief economic advisor to the center, said the Xihui Chuan could come to a "final agreement", but it is also said that the Chuan Xi Society can be suspended.

Another special issue is that Liu He, the former Prime Minister of the State Council, first announced with the media to go to Argentina and "warm up" for the Sichuan Society, going to & # 39; Visiting Germany from 25th to 28th. Following the announcement of the Foreign Ministry of China on the 20th that Liu E will visit her & # 39; Germany, Liu E will go to Argentina as the media said, and there are also discussions.

According to the official website of Chinese Embassy in Spain, China and Spain established diplomatic relations on March 9, 1973. In March this year, when 45 years of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries, Xi Jinping congratulated a message to the Spanish King to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the West.

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