Previously, journalist Edgars Skvariks has been a Councilor for the Herring


The minister of journalism Edgars Skvariks (AP) has been the Minister of Health's news advisor, Ilze Vairķele (AP) informed the Minister of Health.

Skvariks has been working in journalism since 2008. For a short time he worked on TV and Media, LETA's three years and for several years he wrote and, according to Linkedin social network.

Skvariks also worked as a media coordinator at the Latvian Institute and, as well as other locations. In 2018, he began acting as a policy inspector and advisor at the Saudi Embassy in Riga.

Bachelor's Degree in international journalism from Mid Lancashire University, England.

At this time, the Secretary of the Office of the Office is the commander's deputy, deputy head of Ilmārs Dūrītis (AP), chief of staff; board – Inga Spriņķe, member of the State State Company Board of State "State Representatives and Television Producers", councilors – Skvariks, strategic communications specialist Marta Krivade and solicitor Mārtiņš Grīnbergs. He is also an independent consultant, editor of Edgars Jekabsons.

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