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After 10 years of success, change and quality, Bitcoin is no longer a "long". With a general definition of money, Bitcoin is the future. BTC is the valuable value, accounting unit, fungal and most importantly it works as an exchange center.

As well as being a global purpose, it may have been the security, privacy and its usual attraction as the result of Switzerland's leading exchange of green lights for its first Bitcoin ETF, Amun Crypto ETP . The ETF Bitcoin will be kept alive in the last few days and the official partners, Shine Street markets and Flow Traders will ensure that there is sufficient liquidity when it is distributed.

This is a sign and confirming the direction of the centers; because they set themselves ahead of a big money adoption. ETP Crypto Amun is made up of Bitcoin and four other electrical tanks such as Litecoin and XRP.

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However, BTC will comprise half of the ETF opening doors for institutions to pour their money into a product that will, meet the same tight steps to the traditional ETF. Unfortunately, the market expects the SEC to proceed and agree to the Van Eck ETF as this may be the same route; in managing & running; manage a crypto market.

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BTC / Price Analysis

Weekly schedule

BTC / Price Analysis

Whatever it is, Bitcoin is stable and weekly is not a weekly shortage. After recording 20% ​​of the weekly loss on November 14, prices have been consistent and are now just 14 per cent down in the last week. These tallest altars indicate the BTC demand in lower timetables, as a result of the approval of the & First Bitcoin ETF and expecting to participate in the center.

In addition, BTC / USD is technically essential and may fall to new levels such as; trading prices according to the pattern of a & # 39; behaviors that dropped several support levels in the last few days. The high level of market participation is in place; confirming bears in the last 11 months.

If there is not a profit of more than $ 6,000 there, traders should be able to output BTC on everything. $ 6,200 has an interesting stopping point selling at $ 4,500 at first.

Daily Chart

BTC / Price Analysis

As a historic pattern, BTC / USD prices could be recovered as a result of the early April 14 fall. In that case, aggressive merchants should stop the & # 39 ; their trade while BTC / USD are bulls to & # 39; Try to get losses as naturally-afforded pricing.

Despite these high tide frame frames, the general trend was set after the decline of the last week. There is a saving zone that sells between $ 5,950 and $ 6,200 and depending on what's built, safe stops at $ 6,200 – a high level of our attendance rate.

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