Prices are sold down in five banks at the end of the last trading session



Thursday 21 March 2019

I wrote – Shaima Hafsi:

The face-to-pound dollar exchange rate in five banks operates in Egypt, with the end of the commercial trade in Skye compared to the level at the start of trade, and the price was set in three other banks.

The toll in the Ahli, Egypt and African African banks fell one penny to 17.24 pounds for purchase and 17.34 pounds for sale.

A US dollar in 4 Al Baraka fell to 17.24 pounds for purchase, and 17.34 pounds for sale.

The toll has also fallen in the Housing and Development Bank (HDB), affecting 17.25 pounds for purchase and 17.35 pounds for sale. T

A US dollar measured CIB at 17.22 pounds for purchase and 17.32 pounds for sale.

The dollar at the Suez Canal Bank at 17.23 did not change for purchase and 17.33 pounds for sale.

The price of US currency is set in Agricole and Alexandria's credit bank at 17.24 pounds for purchase and 17.34 pounds for sale.

Dollars at the same level as the ADIB at 17.29 notes for purchase and EGP17.35 for sale.

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