Priest O'Reilly 48 hours away from getting rid of an order


It is about 48 hours left to the date in which the priest John O'Reilly must leave the country voluntarily or, in his absence, an appeal for protection or pre- To register another legal instrument, to order an attack that the Interior Ministry would be effective.

The Government's wells confirmed today, after 2:00 pm, the 4th Guarantee Court of Santiago, which stated that the sentence was fulfilled for the misdemeanor of a priest Legionary of Christ.

In this way, the 72-hour running period before the Interior Ministry, through the Department of Homeland (DEM), ordered an order, was established in May 2017 with the High Court. This was closed after O & # 39; Reilly's nationality with grace (which was issued in 2008, after staying in the country since 1984) and a residence permit was recalled.

In this situation, if you leave the country before Sunday, the DEM will tell you about your loss. However, this will give the priest five days to make a file of amparo and initiate another legal process. Otherwise, from Immigration must be the descriptive of the deprivation to Ireland, a country whose responsibility is to; get their faith.

If O & # 39; Reilly, on the other hand, has a decision to travel earlier, b & # 39; Europe or its territory ends.

At the same time, the sentence of his judgment is waiting for the same crimes that are credited in Silein's criminal justice, which is currently in the Congregation for Religious Education, Vatican.

This case was decided in May this year that the court and inspection were adopted by Jaime Ortiz de Lazcano, the current apostolic administrator in San Felipe, who delivered his final report in October last year.

Criminal process

The situation of religion has been getting some tension. On November 11, 2014, he was convicted of the Third Crime Criminal Court of Santiago to a four-year sentence and one day of provocation, after being found guilty of serious abuse against a small student, an old School student Chumbres.

That time ended Monday, as a result of the effective implementation of the sentence (December 9, 2018). Then, on Tuesday, the East Santiago Social Regeneration Center documented orally saying that O & # 39; Reilly was completed "Article 17 provisions of Law 18,216. Final valuation report attached".

Attorney's lawyer, Cristián Muga, told the future and the decision taken, a few days ago to La Tercera that "everything is open, we did not to be crowned ".

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