Prime Minister "Negotiating the fixing of important bills as early as possible" Conference with Government parties-Sankei News

Prime Minister "Sankei News Conference Conference" emphasis on setting up important bills as early as possible

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that the draft proposal for a review of the Child Care and Children's Support Act provided pre-school education and child-care for a full session of the House of Representatives on the 12th. at a conference connecting the government parties on 12th. t I would like to put in place a budget and important bills as soon as possible, and to make efforts to carefully interpret a sense of stress so that I can proceed with the policy. About changes to changes such as the Children Prevention Act which resulted in a death by four daughters for Noda City, Chiba. Considering the views of the governing body, removing corporal punishment and encouraging a lawyer to the childrens' guide center, DV (domestic violence). He will be sent to the National Assembly shortly for adoption. include effective measures, such as strengthening collaboration, with measures. A group of Post-Reformation groups that will be removed in FY 2020 on behalf of the 8 years since the Eastern Japanese Earthquake occurred on 11th, the Prime Minister was Prime Minister. We will organize an organization to deal with it, and will ensure that it is firmly based on the views of the ruling party. "Related Articles" First Minister "Based on Korea" Kamei Shizuka, an interview with Shintaro Ishihara First Minister LDP commitment to elect high house stock 8th anniversary The Prime Minister of the East End Aspect Abe will be promoting progress "." There are no lessons learned from tolerance "Full text 8 years anniversary is a major earthquake t East Japan visits the Iwate Reconstruction Group "setting up a subsequent group" t

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