Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc launched the launch "Vietnam products affecting Vietnam"


On the evening of November 20, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended and officially launched "Vietnam's products affect Vietnam's people" and a VinFast launch was launched at Thong Nhat Park, Ha Caibineit.

This event was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Vietnam Business – VCCI in collaboration with Vingroup. In addition there was a Member of Politburo, Secretary of the Party, Party Chief, Nguyen Van Binh's Chief Economist and directors of some services, departments and areas.

Over the last nine years (2009-2018), Vietnam's Vietnamese campaign has been a priority for Vietnamese food use warmly with all levels, sectors, businesses and people throughout the country. family. At this time, Vietnam has a special place in which more than 9,000 sales points can be confirmed; marketplace with more than 90% of products made in the country.

Not to stop these successes, home-based enterprises need to move to maintain the move, user psychology is a becoming increasingly solid and more experienced. The "Vietnamese people" move focuses on the use of Vietnam's products "to make a new step, not just to promote Vietnam's people; using Vietnamese products, but also to Vietnam products to win Vietnam.

Pioneer in the campaign "Vietnam's Vietnam biet was attacked on Vietnam" as a result of Vietnam's products as it was achieved in registration time, not the following year. thanks to VinFast to attract the millions' attention when the first time was taken part in the Show 201 Paris 2018 with two cars LUX A2.0 and LUX SA2.0. VinFast gave Vietnam's business to a new height.

Speaking at the service, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc reiterated the Secretariat policy of the Communist Party Party of Vietnam for a review of nine years of the initiatives that Vietnam people use Vietnamese products.

The First Minister said that the "Vietnamese Shop hosting the Vietnam people" was launched and launched. Launch of VinFast is an important event to promote private and state enterprises To increase the investment in science and technology and improve the quality of products, aiming to win a local market with a capacity of almost 100 million people.

The Prime Minister emphasized that in an international integration context, Vietnam has been the leading export of electronic material, clothing and shoes, but there are still many brands. the world of the world, especially in the industry of the equipment.

PM PM congratulated VCCI when the event was launched; At the same time, he praised VinFast for a short time but created a series of cars and motorcycles with the Vietnamese brand name. At the same time, he also planned to develop the supportive industry, implement gelatives for consumers, Ensure environmental protection levels, especially for business releases; He has created many jobs for people to improve their business in Vietnam.

The First Minister called for VCCI, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other relevant organizations to co-ordinate with the organizations and companies to implement the program effectively "Products Vietnam's influence on the people of Vietnam ". This is also a desire for all Vietnamese people to build Vietnam's prestigious logo, and developing a self-reliant economy.

At a discharge – VinFast named retail price "3 No" for high quality cars, Lux and Fadil.

So, the official price list of VinFast 1,818 billean dong cars with VinFast Lux SA 2.0 (SUV); VND366 billion for VinFast Lux A 2.0 (Sedan) and VND423 million for VinFast Thread. But, at the beginning, to encourage people to participate in the Vietnamese brand building – Vietnam's pride, as well as its popularity. "No No" policy, VinFast also applies to specific promotional policies, VND1,136 billion prices levels with VinFast Lux SA 2.0; VND 800 million with VinFast Lux A 2.0 and VND 336 million with VinFast Fadil. The upper stages are not included VAT.

To have an international class car with your best price – buyers must sign up for a car purchase agreement at the opening time of VinFast at Thong Nhat Park (20-21 / 11/2018) and VinFast displays at the Vincom Trade Center throughout the country from 20-11-2018. The deposit is for all VND 20 million Threads, for Lux 50 million VND.

Lux and Fadil is the first VinFast car model. The brand of VinFast brand results is the sad V-chrome logo that presents Vietnam's spirit of sadness – sadly Vingroup – rises.

Lux A 2.0 (Sedan) and Lux ​​SA 2.0 (SUV) have been developed based on the design of Vietnamese users, with their size, excellence and fashion. Inside, with Lux, VinFast and Pininfarina's design partners to build a high position, which is based on a 10.4-inch heat screen with landscape options such as scenic venues. typical in Vietnam.

For Lux 2, there will be 8 outer colors and 3 colors within the body to choose. In particular, instead of just a pre-designed layout with most of the cars on its own; marketers, VinFast users will be able to personalize their cars with optional transfer packages. , outside, interior, comfort and other features according to your preferences or personal needs. This is a great project for VinFast users.

The Thread was designed by Opel & Karl Rocks, one of the longest self-suited windows in Germany, under the power of technology from General Motors (GM). This is a real-fashioned car with a solid, fair, leaked overhead and top roof that Fadil looks like a fun, fun car. It differs from current products in the small car department.

In addition, the Fadil is equipped with special safety features such as 6 airbags, EBD, electronic stability (ESC), anti-skid (TCS), anti-obverse (ROM), non-balanced support (HSA) … There are 6 VinFast Fadile colors for choosing users when they order them.

After the launch of the event in Hanoi, VinFast will host a VinFast opening ceremony at Ho Chi Minh City, sell and buy from 10.00am – 22.00pm on 25-26 November 2018 at Central Vinhomes. Park.

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