Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc returns to the old school during the period of 11-11


We are always proud of our roof

It was welcome to be & # 39; Returning to school has been learning in three years of secondary school, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the VIII-grade students in Da Phuc have expressed deep feelings, learning beautifully. at school.

On behalf of the party's leaders, the State, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc is fair, for all the teachers in the High School especially and the teachers in all sections of the country's greetings on their behalf; anniversary. 36th Teacher Day in Vietnam. And as an old student of the school, the Prime Minister welcomed warmly, good wishes to the old teachers.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc

The First Minister, 55 years ago, said that Phàdraig Da Phuc School was established not only for clarification, revitalization, expansion of aims, developing knowledge, developing talent for the children of Soc Son . , but also to gather South African students in the war years against the United States.

Over the past fifty years, the school has tens of thousands of students growing and training, many of them trying to become scientists, engineers, doctors and senior officers. , armed armies. In particular, nearly 100 teachers and students of the school went away and sacrificed for their father.

The PM sent his pleasure to the quality of teaching and learning that he had; growing. According to its Prime Minister, these achievements are declining from the efforts and generations of generations of teachers and pupils, actively contribute to the development of education in Hanoi and throughout the country.

"From my heart, I am always proud of my dear school, and he is grateful to the teachers and teachers in the meantime if the emotions, responsibility, commitment, training, Promoting morality, personality, goodness, and nutrition of the soul, inspiring and teaching their knowledge of how many generations of students are among themselves, "a & # 39; share the PM.

At this time, on behalf of the students in the southern tour, Truong Mac is learning north, the Prime Minister welcomed his & her; Party, Uncle Ho and the State, to the people of the country, Teachers, teachers and friends will create all situations for help and support.

Opposition against & # 39; fury and hardship, the South is still fighting but a & # 39; Party, Uncle Ho still includes part of friends' friends, soldiers and people from the south to the north for long-term training. According to its Prime Minister, this vision is a lesson learned for modern education.

The Prime Minister presents gifts to school teachers by 20/11

The Prime Minister presents gifts to school teachers by 20/11

The Prime Minister emphasized today that the world is changing rapidly with the 4th Industrial Transaction, with the digital era in which knowledge and creativity are the key features that are; confirm the strength, status and status of each country.

In that context, education and training should be respected. The Party, the State and its interests are interested. society as a whole. It is important to consider education and training as the best national policy to bring national strength. It is a investment investment that certifies investment for education. Both aims and aims for sustainable socio-economic development are.

Over the last few years, our country's education and training has important results. Pre-school pre-school education is universal for 5 year olds. General education is of a high standard in international evaluation and rating. There is an increase in higher education in world rates.

To achieve these achievements, many teachers, who do not have day care supervisors, nutrition, teaching, just like their mother, how many innovative teachers, are struggling to "to carry the word up". Each teacher in a variety of ways has been involved in the reform of education with commitment, dedication, responsibility and dedication, all for the purpose of people to grow, for the future of our children.

All teachers, teachers will build the spirits of all for the students

The Prime Minister emphasized that his Party and State Maintaining the fundamental reform of education and training in the foundation, renewal, socialization, democratization and international international. Develop education in conjunction with science and technology development, focusing on quality improvement, especially the quality of ethical education for lifestyles, creative abilities and skills to meet socio-economic development requirements. To focus on & # 39; meet the development needs of each learner, those who are talented in the development of talents, general education that focuses on intellectual development, physical creation and quality and citizenship. Post-Up Find talents and tuition, professional guidance for students.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc gave a Second Class Labor prize to Da Phuc High School

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc gave a Second Class Labor prize to Da Phuc High School

In the spirit of innovative education, inspiring beautiful traditions and performances in the last 55 years, the Prime Minister hopes that the secondary school will be specially and the school system in the country to impact. Sadly, always struggling, to teach good math teaching, learn well. The students are at the heart of their educational process, improving the quality of management, innovative teaching methods and learning in the modern guidance.

To build a friendly, safe, healthy and special educational environment, with a particular focus on "moral, intellectual, physical and elegant development", focusing on education on ideals, personality, citizenship, respect for law, quality creation and civic ability, and foster love for home, the country and social responsibility.

Active nutrition of a longer-hour, more class-class activity, to combine well between the school, the family and its. society to manage the management of students effectively. Participating in students in healthy, productive activities.

The PM hoped that teachers across the country would continue to & # 39; Promoting achievement, raising promotion, noble position in noble positions, and & nbsp; struggling to send people, a & # 39; training. generations of students to develop accurately.

Every teacher, teacher will build all the spirits for the good students, and # 39; making good teaching for good teaching, and professional skills development, and always fostering professional attitudes with an important role not only in knowledge education, skills, but also in creating personality development. Every teacher needs to be a good example of personality, morality and way of life.

Our country has been developed despite the fact that teachers' lives have been developed one step at the same time, but there are still teachers, difficult areas, especially minority ethnicities, border areas. island. The Government and the Prime Minister, services and key agencies will continue, by creating situations and their. endeavor to provide better workplace and psychotherapy. education in the country.

"Looking to the students today, I am very happy and have a great deal. believe in your generation. The developing country, the future is clear; waiting for the grandchildren. I'm proud of the Married High School at Phuc School, I wish you all your favorite success, and # 39; Training good habits, always to & # 39; Build your tourism and pride in your country. rises to a new height. Take an active part in group activities, build yourself as well as they are alive, know how to put them in and out; society, community, ambition, dream and dream set up a successful business, closing Increasing the construction and development of the country"The Prime Minister said.

At this time, on behalf of the Party and the State leaders, the Second Class Second Labor Worker to Da Phuc High School.

Nhat Hong

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