Prince Al-Sharqia will support the 15th annual meeting of charities


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From the Okaz newspaper, on Sunday 18 November 2018.

«Okaz» (Dammam)

The Prince of the East, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Al-Bar Association in the Department, Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, will support the 15th annual meeting of charities at the Sheraton Hotel in Dammam. Secretary General Al-Bar Association in the department, General Director of the Samir Afisan Forum that the forum includes a group of councilors in a range of scientific and practical issues to advise in the field of charitable work your partners in the & # 39; annual meeting of the 15 charities.

Al-Afisan told the forum to write every consultation and submit it to it; respond to them. He then reviews these consultations for distribution and distribution after taking them from partner names and their affiliates to benefit all charitable organizations in the United Kingdom. Partner preferences are made on behalf of their named consultant and post of office through a special program and according to a systematic electronic device.

Al-Afizan said that many charities are present at the annual consultation forum. In addition, 60 advisers gave last year's advice within the 14th meeting of charities, which began last year under the heading "Public Relations and Media in Charities".

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Source: Okaz newspaper

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