Prince Charles Banned Princess Diana from her daughter; do this


It is not secret that she is not married Prince Charlie and her; Princess Diana. Before the time, The Prince and The Princess of Wales welcomed Prince Harry to the world on September 15, 1984 – they had almost no marriage. The pairs were so different that they were individual life guides. Her grandmother gave her sons to Disney World and McDonald's to show them a "normal" life long; as they were educated on global issues such as HIV / AIDS and emergencies. Prince Charles went out about his royal duties as long as he was going to go. connection with his sons.

Although trying to stay out of each other's way -Previous Charlie try to go to her. Princess Diana is under control. In fact, he impeded his spouse to do something in particular.

Bonnie Prince Charlie banned Princess Diana from TV show show

In 1987, the Duke of Edinburgh Prize and Sàbhail na Cloinn joined together to set up a special television special, It's a Royal Knockout. there to raise money from the two groups. Cemigrated including members of the royal family, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, The Prince Andrew, and Sarah Ferguson dressed in Elizabeth's dress to raise money for the event. Mrs. Diana, who was very loyal to her charitable work was great for her & her; take part. However, Prince Charlie "banned" from participating. In an interview in 2006, singer Singh Wilcox, "Edward wanted her to do, but Prince Charlie dropped Diana from doing it."

Was it It's a Royal Knockout. there success?

Although there are It's a Royal Knockout. there raising over £ 1.5m for the Duke of Edinburgh Prize and Save her Child – it was not very successful, and at her. Ultimately, Princess Diana made sure she did not participate. According to royal specialists, it was considered that the particular charity was "something inaccurate." Comedy Robert Deering, who took part in, said: a unique memory, "you could face the face from an older member of the Royal Family."

At the same time, the historian historian and historian Ben Pimlott explained that Mrs. Elizabeth had her & think it was a fight. She said, "There was no court that did not think it was a mistake." Pimlott also explained, "He informed the public incredibly that there was no sense of commitment automatically quality in the Royal Family. "

why it was The wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was so unhappy?

In addition to their different personalities and interests, Prince Charlie can not and his / her. Princess Diana was going to see anything. As the writer, Penny Junor, tells about it,

[Princess Diana] who was just unhappy, she was disappointed in her marriage as Charles was a car crash from the beginning. When Charles and Diana came together, it seemed like paper that this was the most perfect game, but Diana's child had been very difficult and she was not happy with her happiness in the world rather than a place. Charles was a very complex character and both of them were about the worst game you could do.

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