Prince Philip is sending her & # 39; his driving license after a Land Rover crash


LONDON (Reuters) – A problem about the inconsistencies involved in her & # 39; Prince Philip, the person of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, was brought to the procurator's office, the British police said Saturday. The officer responsible for the event is not yet celebrated.

The secretary's office said that it would be noted by Prince Philip's decision to give his driving license.

Prince Philip began to give his driving license after the disaster, who was involved in his order near the Sandringham royal regiment after his death, wave a wave of anger.

Prince Philip, 97, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, has decided to allow his own driver after a long debate, Buckingham Palace commented.

A Prince Philip Land Rover Freelander car started on in January after going to # 39; hitting with her Kia car.

Two days after the event, the police had a conversation with him after being seen by his / her. camera while it was & # 39; without a seat belt.

A victim of a 28-year-old woman who was driving her & # 39; Another laptop worm was long and the 45-year-old woman had a & # 39; traveling with her who suffered a handgun when the child was not 9 months in her; injured car.

The event has continued to debate the healing of constraints on older motorists. Currently under British law law, drivers over the age of 70 need to do medical checks to extend their driving permits.


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