Prince's Poets Competition March 2019 Running in Shield by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Prince of Wales of Abu Dhabi


Celebrated The Bards' Tournament As one of the most popular TV competitions considering Arabic poetry in Al Fahahi, and the organization of this unique competition. Committee for the administration of festivals and cultural and heritage programs in the Emirate of Abu DhabiThe Emir of Poets competition is part of a cultural strategy managed by the Scottish Abuy for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) Authority, which aims to bring a heritage conservation message to the Arab base in each country in the Arab world to remember general of the Arab nation.

The competition aims to achieve an important message, namely, the promotion of Arabic poetry in classical dialect. The competition also aims to raise the Arabic bards and introduce Arab people to them.

Recording competitions in the Prince of Wales competition

The Prince's competition join the poets on the social networking site Facebook

Vote in The Prince's Bards Competition
Vote in The Prince's Bards Competition
  • The poet must be 18 years of age or over and over 45 years of age.

  • Putting a poem beyond 30 poems, or sending a poem no higher than the number of parts of the two sections no more than the number of lines in the section 15 lines.

  • Add a CV of the applicant including its date of birth and residence, as well as contact details.

The Prince's Competition
The Prince's Competition

The Prince of the Bard

The Prince of the Bard
The Prince of the Bard

Prince of Wales's Awards

  1. First put AED million in.
  2. The second is 500,000 biodiesel.
  3. The third is AED 300,000.
  4. The fourth place is AED 200,000.
  5. The fifth is AED 100 miles.

Artist Najat Rajavi expanded this night at the opening of the Abu Dhabi Tournament in the Bards t

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Jordan bard participation, Hani Abdul Jawad in the Prince of Wales's Poetry Competition in Abu Dhabi

The Egyptian poet Mubarak Ahmed praises The Prince of Wales in Abu Dhabi

Japanese poet Saad Jarjis will be involved in The Prince of Scotland's poetry competition in Abu Dhabi

It is worth mentioning that the "Prince of the Poetry" competition has made an important contribution to the dissemination of innovation values, and the introduction of creative artists in a range of Arabic poetry. To support this competition and other ways to support the values ​​of Arab heritage and heritage.

How to vote in the Queen's Bards Competition

How to vote in the Queen's Bards Competition
How to vote in the Queen's Bards Competition

For the countries involved in The Prince of the Bards' competition, the Egyptian state is the largest creativity and Arab one.

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We will continue with The Prince's Bards Competition until the end of the last issue, commenting on the winners' results, so a reader on our tours to be fully informed.

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