Printed phone: Samsung has the "Fold" on its & # 39; market


In November, it was already shown at the developer's conference – Samsung now has the latest smartphone to the market. It's a pasta, a tablet at the same time and it's not cheap.

Le Marcus Schuler, ARD Studio Los Angeles

It's a bit that appears when Samsung has a & # 39; going to attack a hell court, a Silicon Valley pardon. Once a year, Samsung is here in San Francisco to introduce new devices. Just a few miles south, Apple's Apple is one of the biggest competitors.

Each year, the two corporations use the widest. This year, Samsung Koh Koh's handy, but another dissertation: "Who says that it has been fulfilled, it's a time of innovation in smartphones, the market is contaminated, we want to verify the face of the -diugh. "

Some of the experts would face Koh here. This time, Samsung's head was right. Part at least. The new pocket phone is an optician, although it is particularly expensive. To barley 2000 he should pay the machine from May, if he comes to the market.

Do wireless service providers support the "fold"?

"The powerful phone in the Fold & # 39; and a renewable tablet is at the same time as a real offer," said Justin Denison from Samsung. The unique one: When it is pushed, it is a smart smart phone, which tells Nokia Communicator. If you break it away, you will get a large screen with a diameter of 7.3 inches. Only a small thin line shows that the table is in two screens.

It will be interesting to see what mobile phone providers are & # 39; providing cell phone money support. The most important thing about the Samsung Non-Packaging event is the new smartphones. Here you want to be sitting slightly lower than Apple and out of its company a little slow from Cupertino.

Example: storage capacity. "We are now taking a terabyte of memory, along with a micro-SD card to get the S10 + on 1.5 terabytes of total memory, just like a PC," said Samsung Robin Rhee .

Third camera

It's not a really new one, but the exhibition has enough technology. It works with ultra sound. The sensor will make a description of definitions to & # 39; fingers in the 3D process. It will find frogs and gutters and can make a difference between the 2-D fingerprint and true fingerprint in 3D.

Camera is no longer in & # 39; need a round cut in the top section on the right of the screen – so the display completes the entire face. At the back Samsung gave a camera card with a very wide lens. "The lens is now covering an angle of 123 degrees, which is more than human eyes that cover 120 degrees," Rhee said.

The digestive work is the new at the highest S10 modules. They can be used to put other devices behind their phone. For example, they also included a new Smart Smart or the new headphones without wire. "You can now tell your friends and offer them to phone them freely independently – their own smartphone will be an employment station," said the Rhee manager.

From March, the three new S10 phones in the trade. Galaxy S10 has a 6.1 inch screen space, the S10 + module is 6.4 inches.

There is also a 5G difference available

The costs of S10 + are in the most expensive version of 1599 euros – but they have a terabyte memory and a house made of common ceramics. It will come out of summer in a 5G version on its; market – for very fast data radio. The cheapest S10e version is 5.8 inches and from 749 experiences. Among other things, Samsung left the camera jump on the # 39; behind.

Samsung will use the S10 and S10 + on & # 39; the Exynos 9820 process itself. It should give one third of its power than it was before, but using 15% less energy.

What's left? Samsung shows that you can also build for fewer money, smart, handsome, enthusiastic and powerful smartphones. In terms of design, most cell phone phones are very different today. It is just under the rubbish that the real differences are bad.

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