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The inventory output from the last years is the solar power deposit: through the necessary move, the state will provide a guaranteed income for all those who are in a position; looking for a fortune in this business. As it is usually true, this money is not provided free of charge. If there is no professional capacity or legal provision, solar cells can easily be lost. Jalsovszky Legal Office expert will help you to travel.

A financial archive can be easily emailed to purchase a project with the KAT license and allow the events to go from this. However, this is far enough. The necessary equipment for the investment in the determination of the relevant contracts and office administration needs to be required to have professional and market knowledge so that the project can proceed. So it is essential that there is a strong professional or professional partner in the project.

The legal key for funding is legal provision


In most cases, the use of bank assets is a natural feature of solar energy energy projects. It is not surprising that recent banks have signed the terms for setting up funding packages for solar projects. However, it is found that the prospects of funders failed to face the interim projects, said Dr. Zsibrita Boglárka.

In fact, a bank based banking decision in particular is back to its own. However, legal unsuitable provision in this case can be & # 39; blocking project funding. In the framework of the serious legal responsibility of the project, the bank is in a position; Check that the licenses are essential for their project, the most important of which is the KÁT license, which is make sure the electricity stored is needed. Often the licensor is not clear. In one case, companies licensed as PPPs are not divided into project companies, land has changed into an estate on which the license is applied or project companies are selling – which is being make it difficult in many cases to find out who is worthy of the investment.

Sàra Park Sajóbábony solar panel panels on the day delivered, July 6, 2016.
Well: MTI / János Vajda
Well: MTI / János Vajda

In addition to the KÁT license, the main element of permitting permission for licensing and environmental permits is a key element: if there is a contract that poses the risk to it; project, a project promoter can take advantage of bank funding.

That land …

Another key issue for bank funding is the clarity of the legal status of its project. The bank considers investment as one of the key elements of the complex system. Amazingly, at the beginning of the project's implementation, the site of the museum is already a non-cultivated site owned by a company; project and can be secured without a distinctive embedded security. However, this is the case for a small amount of investments. At the beginning of the project, the buildings are usually categorized as arable or other cultivated land, and a company has a product; project – mostly through a pre-contracted contract – only a & # 39; expectations of the area. In addition, the re-classification and therefore the estate move will not be made until the solar power center is built. This can lead to serious problems in project funding. A subordinate agreement does not provide enough pledge for its & # 39; bank, which may require the Bank to provide additional legal security solutions.

Funds are more diverse if a company is not the owner of the property except the tenant. In this case, the real nature of the newly formed solar park is not clear. Legally, it is not clear whether the built-in sunrise park should be considered as a building or a movable and, therefore, what legal procedures do; It can be ensured that it is legally used by a person than the landlord and attached to the bank. Due to the legal uncertainty involved, banks are unhappy to give money to such projects – it is therefore valuable to clarify these legal conditions before submitting a funding application -where, – he added to the expert Jalsovszky.

Who Wants Time …

Even if a legal uncertainty does not continue to incapacitate its & # 39; The project will definitely affect the time. The commendable result of a well-considered and well-written project is fast. In such a case, the work can be a diligent effort and therefore the time needed to significantly reduce the implementation of its project – which is a priority for its & bank and company. This can be finalized both in the project's and for the financing profit.

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