Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Share Photos and Videos from their Mini Honeymoon in Oman


Priyanka Chopra said in her first interview after she was married to herself and Nick Jonas; delaying their full bears due to their couple's job commitments in December. But they have had time to take a small month, recite in Oman, and have been sharing lots of photos and videos from it. The two made the whole heart shredded in the sandy thing with the first new letters, NJ and PCJ (Priyanka Chopra Jonas), inside the world, which Chopra shared on his Story Instagram. Without a & # 39; first opinion they had on holiday:


Chopra also shared her selfie and Jonas was covered up in pairs. "Blessed of marriage they say … ?❤️?" she brought him out.

At the same time, Jonas has been a bit more limited by writing on their holidays. Share images of Chopra watch ElfThe "First time he looked at Elf. ? ? @priyankachopra," he sent out on his / her button.

Chopra left his own opinion on graffiti, being cited out for her simple reputation from her. "Lol! The person is giving enough video when I'm invested in Santa so the man is like"


The Chopra and Jonas tour come after the two events together in India last week. They announced the publication of Bumble in India, interested in Chopra, at publishing parties in New Delhi and Mumbai.


At the original party of New Delhi.


India's actress, Priyanka Chopra, L, with her husband SA ...

At its publishing party in Mumbai.

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Chopra explained why the two chose work over their first marriage interviews to the Indian NDTV. "My work and Nick's work are very important to us," she started. She then said she was enthusiastic about Bumble before the party party events she put her married date. "My responsibilities are important to me," she explained. "My word is my connection. And we've been doing this decision long ago before a person was married and so I took on my role."

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