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After the end of the month, the second wind team competed Overwatch The official League of League League, Councilors has put a new listing on the agenda that many previous fans did not hear. Their new player was just by the hand "Ellie," with his first name and the last name that has not been identified and still unidentified. This issued a chain response of co-operative theories about its loyalty, and finishing with Ellie. leave the team yesterday.

The second wind, a high quality team entering the Overwatch Featuring two kinds of playoffs, saying that Ellie had entered the second wind on December 22, at that time the gossip mills on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube were brought alive by fury. "Who is Ellie?" D & # 39; ask a lot of fans, with a low level pressure low and suddenly appear OverwatchAntiquity as a cause for suspicion. Some thought it was a long-time player to switch into a smurf account to maintain privacy, an idea used by her & # 39; Its clear decision without giving its legal name. In contrast, all other players have a full name on a display that appears next to their playback to the officer Overwatch Contenders Website.

Some followers believed that the mystery was named Ellie, who has her absolute identity; consider, and include its genre. Ellie is one of very few women in Blizzard Overwatch The opponents of the Contenders, and some fans, argued that she could be a particular male player affecting a woman. In response to these facts, Ellie played Overwatch on the stream and even one of the most spectacular players, a top-500 player with the name Punisher, to prove that they were different people.

It seemed that this was just looking at the flames of ideas. Other contamination Overwatch He had even been involved, along with Atlanta Reign, Daniel's "Dafran" player, Francesca's long-term & is someone playing on & # 39; This account, and Ellie talk to each other. "Ellie, again, advanced logs (and ban) Overwatch haunt player arguing for her to make her ready, "Just want to show a set."

After this, Ellie went down from the second yesterday, simple wind "Sorry" on TwitterSouth Westerly Kotaku they reached the second Wind and Ellie for more information, but as a publication, they have still responded. Last night, a second-party message from the Second Wind Twitter account sent a result "Unexpected revisions." Shortly after that, the second wind owner, Justin Hughes clarified the situation, saying that Ellie felt a great deal of stress.

"When we got into the team, people worked as we introduced as a symbol of power," Hughes writeIn the "I find that those people mean well, but on one side, people were investigating their legitimacy, and giving up threats, etc. Although people who acted like the Messiah were on the other. Between playing a player need to wait up to a great expectation and to & # 39; questioning their own safety, the OW community seems to be ready to just see a player as just a player. We wanted a player, but it seemed that the people wanted something else. "

It is not a social vitality in spas; it is a great male sight in which a genetic necessity runs rampant, and in which women are often made to go to # 39; feeling uncertain. Even in a game is usually inclusive Overwatch, a woman can not just be "a player" – not enough enough to be supported by a team of understanding – and Ellie's position is a " explain why. This situation Some fans have to be questioned what second wind he did to help Ellie before leaving her and why the crew did not hold the public harassment publicly before she left. On Twitter, Hughes replied that "we can do our best for our players, but when it comes down, there's just as many things we can do when the game's safety enters."

Ellie leaves the team to get a range of answers from Overwatch community facilities. One Overwatch League player, Luis "Greyy" Perestrelo de Paris Eternal, Reporting to "tweet" xd " humorous emotional which meant that it was a " light on the situation, but after that he took an excuseNext Post Other responses have been identified and continue to be & # 39; maintains Ellie 's image link theory.

Some players have offered messages compassion and anger because of EllieThe Advantages as the player of Gladiator Legions, Daniel "Gods" Graeser and Charlie's cute player "Nero" Zwarg answer with griefSouth West Washington Justice, Kate Mitchell's former manager, had strong words.

"It is completely unsuitable for members of this community to act as bullying, harassment game or players for their genre," she said on TwitterThe "Post" shows why there are very few women in this sport. We need to be better not only for the women and girls who play This game is now, but for those who grow up look up to us. "

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