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BEIJING: China launched to land on the far side of the moon, and # 39; The first round that Beijing's goals would be to become a high power space, state media said.

An Chang & e-4 a lunar test mission named after a diary moon in Chinese mythology – launched early yesterday on 3 March long Rocket from the southwest Xichang opening center at 2.23m (local time), according to Xinhua's official journalist.

Its start start marked a long journey to the far side of the moon for the Chang & e-4 mission, which is expected to be going around the year & # 39; New to test out and explore the unprofitable land.

"Chang & e-4 the first humanitarian of humanity to be at # 39; trying to explore the outside of the moon, "said Chief Runner-up, He Rongwei, of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, a leading state-owned contractor.

"This tour is also the deepest deepest research project in the world in 2018," he said.

Unlike the near-moon side that is "locked up quickly" and it will always face the ground, and its # 39; offer lots of flat places to go down, the far side is fierce and rough.

The Soviet Union has not taken until 1959 the first images of the covered surface, and, remove some mystery in the dark side of the moon.

There is no effect on anyone ever on the surface, which sets China as a # 39; first nation to study the area.

China over the last 10 or 20 years has been on & # 39; Across the various first Americans and Soviet Union in the 1960s and 1970s in spatial research, "said Jonathan McDowell, reusing at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

"This is one of the first time they did something that nobody else did."

It's not easy to do with this technology – China has been preparing for this time for years.

It is a major challenge for such a spirit of communication with the robotic enemy: since the far side of the moon is always removing the ground, there is no direct line for signs.

As a matter of course, China's Mayo satellite Queqiao ("Magpie Bridge") was placed in the moon's orbit, so that it can spread data and orders between the current and the ground.

Adding to the problems, Chang & e-4 is sent to the Aitken Firth in Poland near the pole area known for its rocky and complex land – state media have been said.

The probe carries six tests from China and four from abroad.

They include radical radio surveys – a & # 39; trying to benefit from the lack of barrier on the other side – as well as mineral and radiation tests, which Xinhua said the Chinese National Security Administration says.

The tests also include the addition of potatoes and other seeds, according to Chinese media statements.

Beijing is pouring bills in her & # 39; his room program, hoping that a treadmill station would be before 2022, and eventually he sent people to a moon. – AFP

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