Problems for Huawei have an easy representation for Samsung in 5G


The most up-to-date security concerns about Huawei Technologies may allow Samsung Electronics to be able to; Challenging the Chinese giant in the communication market for five generations, said the business of the South Jersey company.

Although Samsung is still the largest manufacturer of smartphones and semiconductors, Huawei influences broadband networks. However, its situation in the market is at risk, as one country is in the next place; preventing the use of its 5G materials in a worrying situation that could be used to think about the Chinese government. Huawei refuses to participate in spin-off activities.

"Strategically, these concerns give us more market share," said S. Abraham Kim, vice president of Samsung's mobile department, at a Seoul Seoul conference. "Huawei has expanded the network's network market from 4G LTE time, but we are leading a 5G technology used in smartphones," he said.

Samsung's mobile phone planning 5G is launched with a flexible screen phone next year. The company believes that these tools are the best option to reduce sales that have been reduced, since consumers expect more time to renew their smartphones.

However, the technological challenges are still there, Kim said. The 5G signals can be blocked depending on how the phone is held, which means that more models need to be put into possession as already a phone, along with a large battery. Samsung is now investigating how to divide the internal sections of a device into two lines and its; Reducing total quantity, Kim said.

The heat causes another challenge, as 5G technology is in a position; Provides more information and uses more energy, The phone may be too hot to keep it up. Samsung is working to limit the temperature just over 40km Celsius, the Government said.

Recently, Huawei replaced Apple as the world's largest satellite-maker in the world and stressed its popularity. gap with Samsung. But concerns about the Chinese business of Chinese companies have risen since the financial director of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested for its purchased inventors to protect the banks and to overcome the United States sanctions on Iran. Meng was released on Tuesday, but goes out to the United States.

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