Proclamation of Cande Tinelli with her beloved


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February 11, 2019

The driver of the girl traveled to the south with her partner Luca Bonomi and sharing of postcards on their social networks.

candelaria tinelli

We know that Candelaria Tinelli is a social networking method. The designer usually shares images and videos about her secret life with her more than 3 million Instagram fans.

At this time, the young girl went up Offers day-long postcards with her companion, Luca Bonomi.

"Right", Lele wrote, along with two of his images that included the age of 21. In the postcards, which were more than 57 miles "amazing" in some hours, you can see the two young people decorated in black with a landscape of dreams: a lake and mountains that do not ; do just to adds to the situation.

Candlemas Tinelli

Luca is a close friend of Fran Tinelli, even as a well-known renowned magazine, he was the one who made his pride and gave it to his sister when he separated from the actor Franco Masini.

In addition to that love for tattoos, both of its body has many designs, one of the things that looks like the cloth designer, that's He also works in a uniform logo.

Businessman's son Federico Bonomi, owner of Kosiuko, and textwriter Cynthia Kern, is a part of the Argentine heritage agency Argentina, known for the Argentina Custom Garage program of travel and motorcycle, which was -mach on Discovery.

Candelaria Tinelli Instagram lets her out of her heat: "Summer is coming and there is no idea"

The young man describes himself as a supporter and car collector. Apart from that, as he said to a blog back, Camaro is the best one for them.

An Showmatch Driving Girl and this young girlfriend of motorcycle in pairs for a year. Even in 2018 they enjoyed both romantic holidays in Miami, the United States.

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