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Vietnam has many opportunities on the AFF Cup final.

There are more opportunities for Vietnam (red) to go, when they play at home against a team of friends outside the country.

According to the AFF Cup, the position in the table is based on three priority indicators: points from the games in the table, visitor difference and aims. When there are two or more teams that balance every three, the set in the table is determined in accordance with four criteria: the direct result of the teams involved, the disaster of penalties if The teams are involved in the field, fair play and draw.

Vietnam's benefit is to earn key posts as well as semi-touring decisions.

Myanmar (7 points): Need at least one point as guests of Malawi to make sure they go on. If you win, Myanmar has many opportunities to protect the best situation. Murachadh, there is a danger that the team Antoine Hey has been severely remitted by the remaining Vietnam – rival – played on a campsite against Cambodia. If there is an amazing event in the Hang Diem garden, additional targets will be noted. Nowadays the two teams are assigned (7) and a visitor difference (+5), but Myanmar of Vietnam in terms of objectives (7 and 5). There, in terms of two teams with white hands, Myanmar will miss it with less than Vietnam.

Vietnam (7 points): One point is to be in the semi-round results, despite the results of its game between Malaysia and Myanmar. If you win, Hang Parc Gai's teacher can even be ahead of him. There is no disaster with Vietnam, if Myanmar buys Malaysia or Malaysia to; win over Myanmar. A Hang-co coach was dismissed in two cases: he lost to Cambodia, and Myanmar also lost Malayis with less of a difference and lost to Cambodia with a score of five goals, and Myanmar to Malaysia.

Malaysia (6 points): I need to win MyanmarTo decide on topic. At least they have to earn a win, and then to & # 39; wish Vietnam to spend Cambodia with five goals or more.

Produced before the final AFF Cup final of 2018 - 2

Thailand (7 points): Just in the game against SingaporeAfter they win, Thailand may have a top of the table, because they have better goals than those behind the Philippines (+9 vs. +2). A defense case was eliminated in two cases: it was lost to Singapore, and the Philippines Islands gained a score in Indonesia and lost to Singapore, and the Philippines lost to Indonesia but found better features.

Philippines (7 points)Like Thailand, when Only one point is sure to goAfterward Sven-Goran Eriksson's side was eliminated but defeated to Indonesia, and Singapore won or lost in Thailand. At this time, the Philippines stand on but Singapore is badly arranged (+5 and +2).

Singapore (6 points): You have to win Thailand to make a decision on the final ticket. If the draw, the team won three times in the AFF Cup Philippine hoped to Indonesia.

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