Producer of Florida Rick Scott Formally Democratic Estates Bill Nelson After Statements


Florida Management. Rick Scott has won his poor state-of-the-art race with his most limited border, however, one tenth part of a percentage point – a & # 39; bringing his fourth visit from the Democrats in the US Senate. the Republicans.

Two debates of a machine and a statement had to be made under the Florida law due to the strictness of the record, but they did not change the final account well, and # 39; finalizing the final wishes of the Democrat Bill Nelson for his six-year term of six years. Nelson allowed Scott in a Sunday call telephone call.

Scott, 65, joins Marco Rubio in January to give two state-of-the-provincial Republicans to his & her; first time of the Reconstruction.

Scott won – which was expected since the final final votes were counted last week and the remainder was 12,000 – which meant that a Republican would be successful in making it possible. Senators of Democrats in four states carried by President Donald Trump in 2016: Claire McCaskill in Missouri, Joe Donnelly in Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota and Nelson in Florida.

But the GOP failed to hit Sherrod Brown in Ohio, Joe Manchin in West Virginia, Bob Casey in Pennsylvania, Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, Debbie Stabenow in Michigan and Jon Tester in Montana – from the Democrats from six other states that Trump in 2016 once again took over against him.

In addition, Democratic Repanaid Jacky Rosen called the Dean Heller's Republican in Nevada, and Republican lost the place of Jeff Flake, disappeared to a representative of Kyrsten Cinema, which gave two pockets to Democrats. This product is a net benefit of just two seats for the Republicans, despite the map They will look forward to them in decades.

Nelson, 76, has been in the 18th Anniversary Assembly as state assault commissioner and, previously, 12 years in the House as a co-general of Coast Space.

Scott builds up his second term as head of Florida and did not; The third can ask one for the boundaries of terms. The previous two winning advantages of Scott for a ruler also had been on the # 39; gutting – 1.1 percentage points per trip.

Its advantage means that Florida has been elected to a state-wide state office, the one running a chain of profit chain in the 1990s that agreed to $ 1.7 billion paid for a & # 39; preventing the Medicare, Medicaid and general health system. Scott asked his fifth to be correctly changed without being able to; deteriorating 75 hours in a civil warranty investment in relation to his depression in Columbia / HCA fraud.

While Scott's first run for a ruler in 2010, his two neighbors used in his & her; primary and democratically-nominated, Alex Sink, that history in negative adverse advertising. But Scott was willing to freely cost hundreds of millions of dollars free from personal luck and he had escaped narrow wounds against both.

In 2014, Scott won almost a rebellion against Charles Crist, who was a Republican governor before Scott but later became a Democrat.

In fact, he was just Scott; There was only a 50% breakdown in a consistent way in 2017, after being treated often on Hurricane Irma. That development is in his voting numbers, as well as being willing to spend heavily on his own campaigns, make a national Republican believe that Scott had a good chance to play. defeating Nelson, and his two previous elections have been against the weak challenges.

But all this before this summer, when the tide grew down on the southwest of Florida, and fractions of blue-green algae from Lake Okeechobee a & # 39; throwing Fort Myers on Camas Mexico and Stewart on the Atlantic Ocean. When aluminum algae hit the salt at the shore, they will go to the water. dying, allowing toxins into the water and the air – and, scientists have a " believe, add extra food to the red, red bacteria that; happening naturally. This product is millions of dead fish, sea turtles, dolphins and manatees, with their carcasses to beef and beach; adds to the stomach already in sea toxin.

Many of the environmentalists have been blamed Scott for her & lost. He had saved savings to the bodies that are responsible for water quality protection in Lake Okeechobee and let turns on the action against pollutants.

Scott challenged late campaigns in the summer months; stop in Fort Myers and Venice – every Republican stronghold. To a large extent, he did not stop off coastal campaign attempts when spreading his red sea down the eastern side of the Florida, and then he stopped the entire campaign after Hur Hur Michael Michael hit the Panhandle early October.

However, Scott benefited from hosting the Assembly as a seat regulator. State governors are well-elected voters and are able to take credit for day-to-day performance, and elders are not near that level of publicity. The last general president for losing an election in Florida, indeed, president also sat down: Gordon Democratic. Bob Graham Sen Republican Paula Hawkins spoke in 1986.

At the end, there was a bonus of & # 39; This bullying pulpit combined with the thousands of millions of Scott dollars himself put the race enough to win.

CORREADH: Earlier version of this story says that Democrats had received the seat; formerly at the end of the Old. John McCain (R-Ariz.). The Democrats raised the Arizona seat at GOP Sen. Jeff Flake, who did not ask for a re-election.

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