Production group? An interruption break between Olimpija and Mura will be considered by a Ljubljana judge – Slovenianis football port


Following the recently completed national holidays, football clubs return to Sweden's league clubs, which will play games of the 17th round of the national season.

It is anticipated that the most interesting duel will be on Friday, when the second team or third place moves from Olimpija and If it does not go to Stožice. In order to raise public interest, the NZS legal group held an awareness of this, devolved by its & judge Ljubljana to a game so important. Dragoslav Perić, member of the MDNS Ljubljana, will be able to & # 39; participating in the game.

Peric will be celebrated on the official record as Kranjcani, where it is officially recorded, but it is undoubtedly part of the Ljubljana Bregarian Group. Sign to a & # 39; A critical group easily avoided and converted a judge who is a member of another group at a large duel. Is Peric currently living in Kranj? We do not have data but in football cycles we are doing; hear that judges do not live in the places where they are officially registered.

This is not the first time Olimpija games will be considered by the judges in Ljubljana, as this similar situation has grown frequently in this season and before in the games between Olimpija and Domžale, Domžale has opted her & # 39; recent people, but they have once again come to a deaf in the organ's birth of ears. The Ljubljana-Carniolan court knight was criticized in the Maribor camp in a few weeks ago when they shouted publicly about the legal problems in Slovenianis football.

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