Productivity for space supplies will heat up after China's moon's decline, warns him of an expert


Fifteen years after spreading a spine to a place, China is now in a position; The first country that landed on the far side of the moon.

Its moon will be & # 39; Turning at the same level as it explores the Earth, so it's not. Most of the other side – sometimes called the "dark side" – can be seen from Earth ever.

Although there is a previous spacecraft on the other side, no one has ever landed.

Professor Brad Tucker, a astronomer at the National University of Australia, said that it was an important development.

"We have never tried to explore the other side of the moon," he said.

"There are many scientific reasons for exploring as a result of the way in which we created the moon and what else, and indeed, at the end for a future place and astronomy research.

"So technically and to science, it has been a huge achievement," he said.

The route is the most recent step for China's race to capture Russia and the United States and become a spatial spot before 2030.

Impairing the Chang 's flame on the land.

Changing up on Changes in China in a historic landmark on China; moon


So far, the United States has been the only land that landed people on moon, but both China and the Soviet Union have been; Previously has been able to put people into the place.

Countries watching the moon are a possible solar system bar stop, with a US shipbuilder, NASA, and & # 39; plan that Mars will be by mid 2030.

Dr Tucker said the moon has full of resources such as ice-water and Helium-3, which would help to make it easier. make Mars – and even a & # 39; moon itself – more suited to humans.

He said China will try to take advantage of her & # 39; benefit.

"It was both scientifically and technologically that they are here as power and looking for fuel – for turning into a really interesting battle, and that's resources in the place, "he said.

Dr Tucker said that a race has already started and will continue to heat.

"So there is a contract today, a New Moon Treaty, 1967, which governs the use of resources and says that anything from the moon should be for everyone," he said.

"Well, it's obvious that it does not happen."

The moon surface was after the ready-to-reach Sony Chang's e-4 strategic surge at the place chosen on the far side of the moon

The moon's surface was after the ready-to-reach Sony Chang's e-4 strategic circuit at the chosen tourist destination on the far side of the moon.

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"So when we say mineral in the space, the use of resources in the place – whatever its moon, Mars or asteroids – grows bigger and larger, which we can see a bigger and bigger case. "

He said that Australia could have a place.

"We need to move away from a contract system and more in a non-governmental devolution system that also represents countries but also private companies.

"And we hope that Australia will have a place, through experience of exploration and rescue even, and control of air traffic here."

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