Profile of Bernardo Bertolucci, filmmaker from politics and scandal


The Italian film maker, known for films such as "The Last Tango in Paris" or "Final Emperor," had died in Rome at the age of 77.

Bernardo Bertolucci, a master of the Italian cinema and world, won nine Oscars in 1987 for "The Final Emperor", the biography of the last Chinese emperor.AFP

Italian film maker Bernardo BertolucciOn Monday, the 77-year-old man died in Rome, was named by "Novecento"(1976), a trip turned through the history of classical classics in Italy, and with the worldwide scandal that inspired"The last tango in Paris"(1972).

Investigated by research but also with relationships with historians, he is one of the few Italian filmmakers to develop their role overseas.

In "The Last Tango in Paris", Marlon Brando, then real life, plays one of his last major roles. But a sodomy vision seemed to have been difficult to be able to; ban the movie in Italy at the time.

According to Bertolucci later, the young 19-year-old Maria Schneider screenplay had a detrimental effect on the vision that represented comparisons since she was fully informed before the filming of the content, especially the famous time in which it is used butter

Paris also shows the latest film "The dream"(2003).

He was also rolled in China ("The last emperor"), Africa (" The Furious Mirror "or" Refuge for Love ") and Bhutan (" The Little Buddha ").

Born on March 16, 1941 at Parma, in the eastern part of Italy, where the film "Before the Revolution" (1964, the Cannes Writer Prize) Instead, Bertolucci grew in a rich and intellectual environment.

He started to love him cinema through "La Dolce Vita" by Federico Fellini. His father, poet, historian and film critic of his first 16mm camera was 16mm.

In Rome, where he studied literature, he met Pier Paolo Pasolini and assisted him in filming "Accattone". He was also a screenwriter for "Once Upon a Time in America" ​​("Until the time he came" in Spain), by Sergio Leone (1968), an archetype of the "spaghetti western".

In "El Conformista", a film inspired by a novel by Alberto Moravia, Bertolucci, a member of the Communist Party of Italy, gave a light over the reasons why he was. Young burgesses get involved in Mussolini faculties.

The success of "The Last Tango" allowed "Novecento" to be made three years later, which demonstrates its history of struggle. class in Glen Pò, rich through good two children in the early 20th century.

The film is internationally renowned by Robert De Niro, Gérard Depardieu, Burt Lancaster and Dominique Sanda, among others.

Bertolucci's passion for psychoanalysis was also published in "The Moon", which includes the relationships that concern a lyric artist and his young son.

But the dedication was sent by "The Last Emperor", in which he won nine Oscars in 1988, including the best film, the best possible and the best director. This fascinating film about the life of the last Chinese emperor was a success that has never been everywhere in the world.

After "The Protective Sky" ("Shelter for Love") and "The Buddha Beag", Bertolucci returned to Italy to shoot "Exact Mouth" (1996), the story of a journey to Italy from his mother's young daughter he killed himself.

In 2003, Bertolucci will return to Paris with "The Dreamers", his latest film, attracting political interest and sexual outbreak in 1968.

In September 2007, the film maker, who had been a wheelchair in the last few years, was Golden Lion at Venice Festival for a set of his work.

In an interview with the AFP in 2013, he ensured he could stay in the heart of film spectators as "the one who finds young actresses", after being included in his films Dominique Sanda, Maria Schneider, Liv Tyler no Eva Green.

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