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Filmmaker or poet. Bernardo Bertolucci had a strong influence: how his father, the famous poet and screenwriter Attilio Bertolucci, and the director of Pier Paolo Pasolini, also a poet, attended his first film, Accattone. This is the first step in literature and cinema in the shadow of two giants.

In his father's health care, his home-house room filled up with fierce truth in the fourteenth time, and talked to Pasolini, enthusiastic about the misfortunes of the remote, deprived and non-professional actors , The Bertolucci was introduced to psychoanalysis and Marxism Freud, who made all his cinematographic work.

At the moment he has been drinking a sip from the road with his brother Giuseppe's troubles and thanks to his gift, a 16-millimeter camera with which he made several short films that were killed with more technical defiance.

At 21, Bernardo Bertolucci (born in Parma on 16 March 1941) walked on his own. Mail & # 39; The first film in a dry signal, in 1962, showed what this young person born in the Emilia Romagna showed to the business.

Today, Italy mourns the death of one of his most prestigious directors, The author of a fortnight of feature films made him the highest wildlife, as well as hard disputes.

The characters were ramshackle; there, framed in political barriers to the times they lived; his opinion on love, sexuality, humiliation and hatelessness went wrongly in the movie scripts, and the scenes as a result of poetry on his visual insight into history. This was shown in The Conforming (1970), the Last Tango episode in Paris (1972), Novecento (1976), The Moon (1979), Tragedy of an amazing man (1981), The Last Emperor (1987), The Wild Spur (1990), Little Buddha (1993), Beauty Stealing (1996), Besied (1998) and Dreamers (2003).
Drawn by research, but also with individual relationships with their contexts, one of the few Italian filmmakers who have taken part in a job abroad. He burned in China, Africa, Butt and Paris.

He even went through Colombia, when he came to Cartagena for the 1981 film festival.
"I have crossed three paths with Bernardo three times in my life: one in that festival; another, when I was a vice director and actor in Once Upon a Time in the West (script written by Bertolucci), and the The last one, at the house party, remembers Salvo Basile.

The beauty of that meeting was that Michelangelo Antonioni (the late director) wanted to make a movie and He asked me several questions about Colombia, Gabo, violence, guerrilla … And I did not know how to explain that monster to poverty in this country. Bernardo arrived and told us: "Do you remember, in Cartagena, a beautiful woman we saw outside the theater?" I was going to talk about Amparo Grisales. "

The leader, who was in the warrior, was a accompanying the movie hosting an amazing person, having died in Rome and for unintended purposes. Italian media says that the two who won two Oscras had a " suffering from cancer and had health problems that were restricted to a wheelchair from the beginning of 2000.

The politics of Bertolucci

He proved anaist and opened a faisism enemy, in the 77 years of his life, Bertolucci married more than one fight.

Two years ago His response to actor Kevin Spacey's crack has moved, who was accused of sexual abuse and terminating the broadcast of All the Money in the World. "I want to make a movie with it"He said, at a time when the entire film industry closed the doors to the old actor of the House of Cards series.

In addition, when Bertolucci realized that Christy was replaced by Christopher Plummer, he said: "When I discovered that he had deleted the healthy scenes, I sent a message to editor Pietro Scalia tells Ridley Scott (director) who should be embarrassing. "

In business she was well known for being unsure and her. Fight during filming, especially when it comes to filming and budget times. The director himself had been considering Novecento as "nightmare", as he has succeeded in overcoming the proposed costs and weeks for delivery.

His communist spirit criticized the democratic system and the religious center, including Pope Francis, who said in an interview with El Pais Semanal that the "moving movement with his & # 39 ; Vatican ".

However, The controversy created by The Last Tango in Paris is uncommon. The film was Marlon Brando (one of his last major roles, as a widow's teacher) and the French Maria Schneider was even surrounded in his native Italy.

Ten years after its first time (in 1972), the relative relative was not explained by the director or his star to what would happen in the movie's violent outlook: she is added to sex while Brando's character is to use butter as a tool.

"I felt guilty and, honestly, I felt something like Marlon and Bertolucci," he told Daily Mail in 2007.

The controversy collapsed with the Italian filmmaker for years, who always wanted to clarify that there were no issues that happened. Bertolucci told the actor to tell anal sex, but I did not know about butter.

"Maria nam Bochd. He died, I think two years ago (he died on cancer in 2011). After the film we did not see each other because he had I was frightened. The butter scene we thought about Marlon Brando and I was morning, before burning. I think I was very mad at Maria, because I did not Tell me what was going on to happen. He wanted to be a girl, not a female actress. I wanted to get rid of her emotion, to be to hear it, no! … I thought he'd cracked Marlon and me, because we did not tell him what butter was he? as a machine. I still feel guilty, "Bertolucci explained in an interview with Cinémathèque Française in 2013, which emerged three years later, along with the director's statement of the same controversy d.

The concerts

Bernardo Bertolucci was married to British leader Clare Peploe (after five years of marriage to Maino Maria Paola). She developed her own role with her husband with films such as Rough Magic or The Triumph of Love. He met Italy when he was filming Novecento, where he was a supporter.

The relationship with Peploe was fundamental to the Parmesan leader. For example, when Maria Schneider said that she was expelled when filming The Last Tango in Paris, she helped defend her husband.

Likewise, he was the support for his depression; at Bertolucci when he came to an end in a wheelchair. It was years of trouble and sadness that he was able to do it; thanking Pheploe.

The director did not have children and he liked to bring his father's spirit to his films. In an interview, Bertolucci himself stated that he was in Dreamers (2003) that he had a "feeling" better than ever. "

This representation and Tú y yo (2012) raised Bertolucci's passion for managing and eventually becoming his final films.

The body of Bertolucci is still in a burning chapel in the Campanile Hall of the Protomoteca of the Campidoglio, a Roman Town Hall, where its fans are. paid him a farewell farewell.

"I feel great pain (…). We leave a piece of our family, a lovely, affectionate friend, fascinating, beautiful, unpredictably, hard and incapable to always tell us the truth. His cinema is a part of the twentieth century, "Roberto Benigni (beautiful Life) wrote in a note also signed by his wife, actress Nicoletta Braschi.

Cannes Fair, where Bertolucci received the Golden Palm of honor in 2011 and the jury headed in 1990, laments the director's death. "A very fine artist in Bernardo Bertolucci, who introduced an Italian cinema and became a leading figure of identity. He had an amazing connection with Cannes, "said the instructions on his Twitter account.


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